SMU investigating Deion Sanders' son for hanging out with Lil Wayne

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Is Deion Sanders Jr. backstage at a concert because his dad is famous, or because HIS STATUS AS AN SMU FOOTBALL PLAYER IS GETTING HIM UNFAIR PERKS?!?!?!?!?!

Rappers are apparently the scourge of the college football world.

We found out Tuesday that Snoop Dogg either did or didn't meet with Silas Redd in a limo when USC was trying to convince him to transfer from Penn State.  Now Deion Sanders Jr., a wide receiver for SMU, tweeted a picture of himself and his teammates with Lil Wayne:

Deion's dad, who you have probably heard of for being one of the best cornerbacks in the history of the sport, dropped the tidbit that the NCAA was investigating his son for the incident. It turns out it was actually SMU that was looking into it to make sure nothing was amiss.

This is an issue because rappers are famous people, and if universities are using celebrities to coax people to attend their school, that's an NCAA violation, because then somebody might choose a school based on the celebrities they might meet as opposed to whatever reason it is the NCAA wants athletes to choose schools.

Let us take a moment to state the obvious, however.

Deion Sanders Jr. was not backstage at the show because he is an SMU football player, one heading into his freshman year who has never played a down for the Mustangs. This is not an example of some SMU booster giving perks to his team's players. That doesn't happen. Garrett Gilbert has probably tried sneaking into a Jason Aldean concert -- or whoever it is Garrett Gilbert probably listens to -- and he's probably been asked to show his ticket. Deion Sanders Jr.'s backstage at the concert because his father is Deion Sanders, who, while discussing the situation, claimed Weezy as a "best friend." Presumably, somebody will realize this.

I think the main reason we bring this up is so that we can revisit "Swaggin," a song poorly recorded and even more poorly lip-synced to by Sanders, under either the name "Lil Deion" or "Deion Jr." -- it doesn't seem he's decided yet.

Worst. Ventriloquist. Ever. The chorus actually sounds very much like a Lil B song, which is not a compliment, all apologies to the Based God. Smart of Sanders to include the "don't roll this weed up/not me, I don't do drugs!" line to avoid turning into Michigan State ex-wide receiver recruit who goes by the name DatBull. Note that his friend is wearing a shirt from Weezy's YMCMB crew, so, he's a fan.

While they're at it, SMU should investigate how Sanders got these Versace sheets for his dorm room:


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