College football news: Johnny Manziel update expected; Spartans search for QB

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Texas A&M might be asked to sit the Heisman Trophy winner in its season opener, injuries are already taking their toll on teams and there's even more news you may have missed from Tuesday included below.

The college football season is less than 48 hours away. A quick look at the big news from Tuesday is included below.

Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel met with the NCAA and he has reportedly denied any wrongdoing in the ongoing autograph scandal. The NCAA is soon expected to give A&M a recommendation whether to play Manziel or hold him out for Saturday's season-opening game against Rice. This recommendation would not be a definitive ruling on Manziel's eligibility. If they play him after being advised not to, however, it could make things worse if he is ever deemed ineligible.


Defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin was hit by a car while riding a moped on Tuesday, forcing him to spend the night at the hospital. It doesn't sound like his injuries were particularly serious, but it's unclear when he'll be able to get back on the field for the Cards.

Michigan State

The Spartans will start Andrew Maxwell at quarterback when they open the season on Saturday against Western Michigan. Their depth chart, however, lists Maxwell as one of four co-starters. I think it's safe to presume that only one will be on the field at a time, but maybe ole Coach Dantonio has something up his sleeve.

Oklahoma State

Devin Davis was going to be the starting left tackle for Oklahoma State this year, but a torn ACL will keep him out for the entire 2013 seasonParker Graham is expected to replace him, but the former left tackle had been moved inside to play guard for the Cowboys this year.


Nick Saban is even grumpier than we imagined. From a profile of the Crimson Tide head coach in the most recent issue of GQ:

But given that his golf buddy had just won the national championship, Rumsey figured he ought to say a few words of congratulations. So he did, telling Saban his team had pulled off an impressive win.
"That damn game cost me a week of recruiting," Saban grumbled into the phone.
Rumsey pointed out that Saban and his team had just been on national television before millions of people -- including, most likely, every high school recruit in the country -- and reminded Saban that they had won the national championship.
"I said, 'I'm not sure, but I think that helped you,' " Rumsey recalled. "And he said, 'I just don't know. Maybe. Maybe that was good.'"


George O'Leary thinks today's college football players are too soft. Tactful as always, coach. Even if he's right, perhaps someone who wasn't stuck with a wrongful death lawsuit after allegedly working a player literally to death isn't the right guy to voice that criticism.


Cameron Robinson, a five-star offensive tackle from West Monroe (La.) and the top rated prospect in the 2014 recruiting class, is set to announce his commitment decision on Friday. Surprise! His final two are LSU and Alabama.

Also on the 'crootin' front, former Notre Dame commit Elijah Hood has committed to North Carolina. Chapel Hill was one of the expected destinations once Hood decommitted, but no one really knew what the four star running back's timeline was. Regardless of where he attends school, Roll Toilet, now and forever.

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