Tommie Frazier responds to Bo Pelini's 'we don't need him' comment

Tom Pennington

Two of Nebraska's biggest names are having a public disagreement over the state of Huskers football.

Though the team is 2-1, two worrisome defensive performances and blowing an early 21-3 lead to No. 13 UCLA, have some Nebraska fans worried heading Big Ten play next month. By the looks of it, no one is more concerned than former Huskers quarterback Tommie Frazier.

Credit to Big Red Today for Frazier's post-game comments:

"After letting it sink in for about 4 hours I still struggling. It’s time to get rid of the defensive play caller, the Dc, lb dl and db coaches. I hate saying this but this crap is getting old. How in the hell do you not make adjustments or put your players in the position to compete? If this is what is going to happen for the remainder of the season, count me out. I don’t care if we lose a game but the way we are losing is just not what #Nebraska fans deserve. I have fought, bled, and cried over this program. I didn’t do all that for the program to become what it has today. Time for change! I will comment about the offense this week on Tommie’s X’s and O’s. Trust me you don’t want to miss it. #Huskers"

In his news conference Monday, Huskers head coach Bo Pelini was asked about Frazier's comments:

"I didn't read what he had to say, I kind of heard about it. I can say this, we have a staff of players, people, administration, everybody here who is busting their butt to do what they can and win football games and do everything they can for these student athletes," Pelini said. "Since I've came back here, I've embraced the former players. And if he feels like that, then so be it, we don't need him. That's a shame.

"Until you've sat in this seat and done it, anybody can have an opinion. Anybody can do that. But like I said, it's easy to point fingers and stand outside and throw stones. I take it for what it is."

Frazier then responded:

SB Nation's Nebraska blog Corn Nation had its own take on the Pelini/Frazier exchange:

Nebraska's defense is currently ranked 106th in the country in yards per game with 460.5, and they are currently allowing nearly 30 points a game.

Pelini, second-year defensive coordinator John Papuchis and the rest of the Huskers will look to get things back on track against South Dakota State this weekend. They'll have a week off before a home game against Illinois on Oct. 5.

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