New college football Coaches Poll, Week 2: Alabama, Ohio State hold steady

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 college football season's first non-preseason poll to also have (eventual) BCS impact smiles on the state of South Carolina, but the Tide still rolls.

The second USA Today Coaches Poll was released on Tuesday, with a few changes from the preseason edition.

Rank Team Record Points Previous
1 Alabama 1-0 1545 1
2 Ohio St. 1-0 1444 2
3 Oregon 1-0 1420 3
4 Stanford 0-0 1292 4
5 Clemson 1-0 1275 8
6 South Carolina 1-0 1220 7
7 Texas A&M 1-0 1181 6
8 Louisville 1-0 1051 9
9 Florida 1-0 974 10
10 Florida St. 1-0 946 12
11 LSU 1-0 926 13
12 Georgia 0-1 875 5
13 Notre Dame 1-0 840 11
14 Oklahoma St. 1-0 798 14
15 Oklahoma 1-0 666 16
16 Texas 1-0 660 15
17 Michigan 1-0 623 17
18 UCLA 1-0 368 21
19 Nebraska 1-0 357 18
20 Northwestern 1-0 348 22
21 Wisconsin 1-0 301 23
22 USC 1-0 176 24
23 Washington 1-0 145 NR
24 TCU 0-1 140 20
24 Miami 1-0 140 NR
Schools Dropped Out
No. 19 Boise State (0-1), No. 25 Oregon State (0-1).
Others Receiving Votes
Baylor 125; Michigan State 67; Mississippi 54; Fresno State 46; Northern Illinois 31; Arizona State 28; Cincinnati 19; Arkansas 12; San Jose State 12; Georgia Tech 10; Arizona 7; Boise State 5; Virginia Tech 5; Central Florida 4; Arkansas State 3; Kansas State 3; Texas Tech 3; Bowling Green 1; East Carolina 1; Missouri 1; North Carolina 1; Utah State 1.

Alabama remained at the top following their convincing win over Virginia Tech. Ohio State, Oregon and Stanford held strong behind the Crimson Tide. At No. 5 is Clemson after Georgia fell to the Tigers on Saturday night. Georgia fell to 12.

The Oregon State Beavers, ranked 25th in the initial poll, fell out of the rankings after being upset by FCS Eastern Washington. No. 19 Boise State is also gone after being pounded by Washington. TCU dropped from No. 19 to 24 after losing to LSU in Dallas. Other than that, the rankings somewhat held firm outside of the top 10.

Due to the holiday and wacky opening week schedule, this coaches poll was released two days later than usual. The poll will normally be released on Sundays to accommodate the BCS rankings, which come out on Sunday nights.

Also, for comparison's sake, the AP poll, also released on Tuesday. Oregon topped Ohio State, and Clemson topped Stanford in that one.

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