Barry Switzer calls out Johnny Manziel again: 'Arrogant little prick'

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The former Oklahoma head coach has once again targeted the top NFL prospect.

Former Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer has let his opinion on Johnny Manziel be known once again, taking to a radio show in St. Louis to call the 21-year-old former Heisman winner names and question his character.

"I don't like his antics. I think he's an arrogant little (vulgarity), I've said that, I'll say it again," Switzer told The Morning After radio show in St. Louis. "He's a privileged little kid. He's embarrassed himself, he's embarrassed his teammates, his program, he's embarrassed his coach. And they'll all have to defend him because they have to coach him. I know how it works. I spent 40 years in the game so I know how it works."

Switzer also said if he was Manziel's coach, he would make a point to discipline him in front of the other players.

"You grab him, you dog-cuss him, and you do it in front of the players," Switzer said. "The players handle that crap a lot of times. You think I didn't coach some guys in pro football who couldn't handle Manziel?"

This is not the first time the Sooners legend has suggested he would resort to physical means with Manziel were he his coach. Back in September, Switzer said he "wanted to jerk [Manziel's] face mask" and "grab him" after the quarterback received a taunting penalty against Rice.

Switzer is no stranger to character concerns himself. He resigned from Oklahoma after the school was placed on probation by the NCAA after several scandals involving multiple players. In 1983, he was prosecuted for insider trading, and was found not guilty. In 1997, while head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he was arrested after bringing a loaded gun to an airport. Switzer was fired after the season.

Then again, this all might just be Switzer's way of saying nice things about Manziel.

The coach was not the first NFL personality to take a shot at Manziel Wednesday -- Ron Jaworski earlier said he wouldn't take the quarterback in the first three rounds of the draft.

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