Study Hall: FSU-Wake


Advanced stats from Florida State's 59-3 win over Wake Forest on Saturday.

Samurai Snippets: Thoughts on FSU and Colgate


The Rollin' Ronin gives a two for one special (sort of) in talking about the Colgate hoops win and the Florida State "football game" in this decidedly mixed-bag Snippets edition.

FSU picks Wake Forest six times


Florida State picked off Wake Forest six times in a 59-3 victory.

Florida State v. Wake : Preview and predictiion


The Noles take on the Deacons at high noon.

Wake Forest Staff Predictions


The BSD staff gives their picks and insights for both the Colgate season opener and the Florida State football game. Come on in and see what the crew expects out of the Deacs this weekend.

Q&A With Blogger So Dear


J.P. Mundy of Blogger So Dear drops by to answer TN's questions about the 2013 Demon Deacons.

Jimbo Fisher call-in show live thread 11.6.13


Tune in to follow and discuss this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show (Wednesday @ 7 p.m.)

Campanaro was half of Wake's receiving corps


Wake Forest receiver Michael Campanaro had half of Wake's catches and yards from receivers.

Couldn't Be Happier: SERENITY NOW


Following a tough loss seriously jeopardizing Wake's bowl chances, Bart looks for some sort of silver lining and finding none instead seeks consolation in researching stats for the Kinal Kount.

Roll The Quadcast (Cuse recap, FSU talk & bball)


Rob and Riley discuss the embarrassing loss to Syracuse in a must-win game. They also talk about some bigger picture program views moving forward. #2 FSU comes to town next week, so just how bad will that get? Basketball season starts on Friday too!

Team Preview: Florida State Seminoles


This is what I had to say about Florida State in August. Turns out I was actually fairly accurate in my assessment. Later in the week I'll have an updated preview of what they've done so far this season (spoiler: a lot of world beating).

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