Study Hall: Baylor-Texas


Advanced stats from Baylor's 30-10 win over Texas on Saturday.

Baylor vs. Texas: The Morning After

Sitting here now, in the comfort of my warm home, it's still almost impossible to fathom: the Baylor Bears are your 2013 Big 12 Champions. We have seen the mountaintop. We have arrived.

Mack Brown Post Mortem


Are we having fun yet? Coach Brown says it's time to go back to work recruiting, fixing the offense for the bowl game, yada yada, spring practice. I say the time has come.

Thoughts on 11-1, Big 12 Champs, & the Case Closed

There is so much going on in my head in the aftermath of today's victory that I have to just get it on the page/screen. Your Baylor Bears the 2013 Big 12 Champions.

Two of Sixteen: Those Elusive Big 12 Titles


Once again, a Mack Brown team can't find a way to close out a conference title.

Baylor-30, Texas-10. Time To Do What Needs Doing.


Anyone else not sure how to feel?

Case closed: Horns epically fail in Waco vs. Bears


A terrible first half turned into an even more disappointing second half as the Texas Longhorns couldn't hang with the Baylor Bears on a frigid day that ended in a disheartening loss.

If Mack Brown returns in 2014...blame bad rhetoric


Saban as the necessary condition to replace Mack Brown is a bad idea. And it's going to make this end badly.

Baylor vs. UT Roll Call and the Week in Review

I'm seeing a lot of concern on twitter right now about whether the weather will dampen attendance tomorrow for the FINAL GAME IN FLOYD CASEY STADIUM HISTORY. So let's settle this right now.

Missouri Hangover


Coverage of the Missouri loss, hoops attendance, two big football games left for Big 12, Big 12 roundup & more



Mack Brown entered Floyd Casey Stadium in his favorite Texas jacket, the one with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lining, and he pulled tight his mittens.  He surveyed the scene.  A lot of...

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