Lack of gap integrity hurt Texas pass rush vs ISU

The Texas Longhorns defense struggled to get off the field defensively against Iowa State, in large part because a lack of discipline on pass rushes allowed Cyclone quarterback Sam Richardson easy running lanes.

Mike Davis finally, actually, really truly sorry

It only took five days, but the Texas Longhorns wide receiver has finally apologized for his cheap cut block on Thursday against Iowa State.

David Ash injury update for Oklahoma availability

Will the Texas Longhorns have their starting quarterback for the Oklahoma game? Find out inside.

Texas-ISU Quotables: Where it still is what it is

Thoughts from the coaches and players after the most unsatisfying win at Texas in, oh, less than a year.

We are the hollow men, we are the stuffed men

Shape without form, shade without colour, Paralysed force, gesture without motion... Texas beats Iowa State. And it has no meaning.



The rarest cut of beef you'll ever eat. Guaranteed.

How the Texas O matches up with the ISU D

Breaking down how the Texas Longhorns may track to attack the Iowa State defense, and vice versa.

Iowa State O lacks weapons, explosiveness

How much of a challenge will the Cyclones provide the Longhorns when they have the football?

The Big 12 or Big 2?


How many teams are true contenders in a conference that has 12 in the name but 10 members? Two?

The latest on the injury status of David Ash

Will the Texas Longhorns have their starting quarterback available on Thursday when they face off against Iowa State in Ames?

The Texas Pregamer: Iowa State


The Texas Pregamer is back from vacation. Did we miss anything important? Wide Right and Natty Lite is in the house as we get ready to take on Iowa State in Ames.

Paul "Slump-Bustin" Rhoads


Paul Rhoads is known for his slump bustin' ways at Iowa State and this Thursday's game against Texas presents another chance for Rhoads to cross another slump off his list. Kirk Haaland fills you in on what slump the Cyclones hope to end this week.

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