Study Hall: LSU-Arkansas


Advanced stats from LSU's 31-27 win over Arkansas in Baton Rouge on Friday.

Anatomy of a Game-Winning Drive: Jennings to Dural


Anthony Jennings captained an eight-play, 99-yard drive that will go down in Tiger lore. Let's see exactly how it unfolded.

Pork Links: LSU Review, Stadium Debate, More


News, notes and interesting reads for Hog fans. Bring on basketball season.

Hog Trough Fancast #87 - Within Arms Reach


Another Razorback football season has come and gone, so we look back at the LSU game and all that jazz in this week's episode.

Feel The Rhythm: LSU


Thoughts, Takeaways, and Analysis from the Arkansas/LSU Game

LSU 31, Arkansas 27: Down Seasons Come to an End


Bret Bielema almost got his first conference victory, but the magic that is Les Miles was too much for the Hogs to overcome

LSU 31, Arkansas 27: It Was There


That one hurts.

Pork Links: Golden Boot Edition

News, notes and interesting reads for Hog fans. Get the Boot back.

LSU Versus Arkansas: What to Watch For


What to Watch For Taking Care of Business That's the name of the game. Show up, celebrate the Seniors, dominate, enjoy the rest of your weekend. There really is no other formula. Arkansas is...

Arkansas vs. LSU: A Sometimes-Surprising Series


The hopes for an upset are relatively small in this one, but will the unpredictably of the Battle for the Boot give the Hogs a chance?

Arkansas Fight Panel Discussion: Week 12


In lieu of asking the same types of week-to-week questions when the LSU game seems like more of an afterthought at this point, we decided to do more of a year-in-review type of thing. Enjoy.

LSU Preview Q&A with And The Valley Shook

We got together with Paul Crewe from And The Valley Shook, SB Nation's LSU site, to get some insight on Friday's game.

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