Kingsbury and a candle in the wind

Nick Aliotti's retirement began happier than Mack Brown's, offenses blew scoring opportunities from coast to coast (well, from Nashville to San Diego), and Texas Tech made things look easy against...

Mack Brown era goes out with a whimper vs. Oregon

The Texas Longhorns defense played hard and mostly played well, but two interception returns for touchdowns sunk the Horns against the Oregon Ducks in Mack Brown's last stand at the Alamo Bowl.

Oregon defense smothers Horns as Ducks rout Texas


Ducks defense outscores offense in win

Texas keys to hanging with Oregon

Breaking down how the Texas Longhorns can hang with the high-flying Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl.

ATQ Q&A talking the Alamo Bowl, Part 2

Breaking down the Alamo Bowl match up between the Texas Longhorns and the Oregon Ducks, focusing on the Ducks defense.

Mack Brown and the strengthened bonds of football


A former Texas Longhorns walk on reflects on how the successful outgoing head coach helped bring fans together in strengthened bonds

The big Alamo Bowl breakdown

On paper, the Alamo Bowl features one of the biggest mismatches of the bowl season. But while Oregon was evidently fighting motivation issues late in the year, that won't be a problem for Texas.

Oregon secondary impresses Applewhite, UT players

Multiple defensive fronts and an experienced secondary for the Oregon Ducks will put heavy pressure on the Texas Longhorns offense to score points in Monday's Alamo Bowl.

ATQ Q&A talking the Alamo Bowl, Part 1

Breaking down the Alamo Bowl match up of the Texas Longhorns and Oregon Ducks with SB Nation's Oregon blog, with a focus on the offensive side of the ball for the Ducks

Longhorns-Ducks - Who has the psychological edge?


Want to play well in a bowl? For starters, you need to want to be there.

Oregon's Motivation for the Alamo Bowl

Oregon seemed to lack urgency in the latter half of the season and in a bowl game that will only be magnified. Rusty Ryan looks at what Oregon has to play for and what it means going forward.

Is Oregon really susceptible to the run game?

Do the poor performances stopping the run against Oregon State and Arizona really mean that Oregon is in danger of giving up a large number of rushing yards against Texas?

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