Sugar Bowl Review: The Offense


A response to play calling criticisms and a look at what Alabama did, offensively, in the Sugar Bowl.

Knight's Progress Led To Oklahoma's Bowl Success


Trevor Knight became the first Sooner quarterback to throw four touchdown passes in a bowl game.

"Undersized" Defense Produces "Oversized" Results


Heading to the Sugar Bowl, the Oklahoma Sooners had a few questions looming over their heads. A majority of those concerns fell on OU's "undersized" defense built for speed going head-to-head...

Sugar Bowl Aftermath | Sooners Add 2015 DT Commit


Coming off possibly the best win of the Bob Stoops era, the Oklahoma Sooners appear to be gaining momentum in the recruiting race. Following the victory, Oklahoma native Marquise Overton out of...

RMN Bowl Contest Update


Lots of people had the OU/Alabama game pegged incorrectly. Were you one of them?

Bob Stoops laughs last

"Big Game Bob" Stoops still has some tricks left in Norman. The Sooners beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, winning their second straight game as a double-digit underdog. They probably won't be...


Oklahoma 45 - Alabama 31 | Video Highlights

Its one of those magical moments that will live on Oklahoma Football history forever. The Sooners turned the role of heavy underdog into a dominating offensive performance over one of the best...

Quotables - "I Guess We Do Have A D-Line, Huh?"


Here's what players and coaches were saying following Oklahoma's monumental upset of Alabama.

The Last Night of the Alabama Dynasty


The Alabama football program might not be going anywhere soon, but the loss to Oklahoma was still a blow to the idea that the Tide can't be turned

Sugar Bowl 2014 | Second Half Game Thread


Key OU Halftime Stats 3 takeaways 5-7 third down con Knight 18-23, 206 yds, 3 TDs — Oklahoma Football (@OU_Football) January 3, 2014

Sugar Bowl Open Thread: Oklahoma vs. Alabama


Hello, future NFL players.

Sugar Bowl Preview: Can Alabama Dodge Deja Vu?


The last time Nick Saban and Co. went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, it wasn't a pleasant trip. They'll try to avoid a similar upset this time around

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