Stretching the Ohio State Defense: Verticals

Several years ago while examining Chad Morris' Tulsa offense we noted the "Verticals" concept(s).  As we've discussed here before, The Chad likes to push the ball down the field to loosen up...

Orange Bowl Depth Chart Analysis

We did not put together an analysis prior to the Orange Bowl back in January.  Since the bowl, I received several requests to put that article together.  This one may be a bit late but is of...

Orange Bowl Game Film Review


ESPN Play-by-play CU at 25 - Reverse/sweep for Sammy for 3. SW was lined up basically right behind Thomas...QB Power for no gain, probably because Shatley never actually hit a single OSU player...

Charting the offense: The Orange Bowl


To close out the 2013 season, here's one last look at the snaps played by Buckeye skill position players, while analyzing the ways in which they were utilized.

The blame game


So Friday night's Orange Bowl happened, much as Buckeye Nation would like to forget. The loss exposed a lot about the Buckeye football team, and presented a myriad of questions. In particular: who gets the blame for the 40-35 loss?

Sammy Watkins Crushes Buckeyes in the Orange Bowl

Clemson won the most Clemsonish game ever played. Great plays followed by huge mistakes again and again, but they made more than we did. Tony Romo would be proud of this game. The NFL replacement...

Orange, Cotton shootouts end with defense

In both Miami and Arlington, the Tigers beat OSU. Let's take a look at the important numbers from Clemson's Orange Bowl victory over Ohio State and Missouri's Cotton Bowl defeat of Oklahoma State.

RMN Bowl Contest Update


Let the success runneth over!

Stock Market Report: Orange Bowl


Turnovers eventually spelled doom for Ohio State Friday night in Miami.

Did Anthony maintain control on the INT?


Not that it matters, but did Clemson's Stephone Anthony maintain possession through his game clinching interception against Ohio State? We take another look.

Clemson downs Ohio State, 40-35


Suddenly after a defeat everyone knew was possible but in a way few expected, Ohio State has more questions than answers.

Clemson regains control, 34-29


After a crazy first half, the Buckeyes settled down and rode a powerful run game to a 29-20 advantage before Clemson bounced back to make things 29-27. Then Braxton Miller threw a pick, and Clemson's regained control to make it 34-29.

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