Keiland Williams

LSU Tigers #5 - Running Back

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 221

Scout Player Spotlight on Michael Ford


Scout Player Spotlight on Michael Ford.

Training Camp Preview Roundtable: Running Backs


And the Valley Shook takes a look at the potentially "Altered" state of the Tiger running back corps in 2011.

On the Cusp of... Something


If the LSU football team isn't careful, it could become very, very good.

Inside Scouting Report on Redskins UFA: LSU RB Keiland Williams


LSU writers detail Keiland Williams's strengths and weaknesses, and it's clear the LSU RB will have a lot of flaws to overcome to make the squad.

Why We're Gonna Suck


Doc Saturday turns his eye to LSU...The verdict?  Well, cover your eyes, Tiger fans: Non-Binding Forecast. I think this is a critical year for the program in the long term: The Tigers appear more...

Yancy Porter, Troublemaker


Tsk, tsk, Yancy. We at the Cup have many enemies. There's GonzoHog (sorta), ramblinrebelman (sorta), Kleph (you bastard), the guys at And The Valley Shook (not really), David Brandt (BURN BRANDT...

Behind the Numbers: LSU v La Tech


Sorry for almost complete absence from the blog this past week and half.  Real life has intervened, and it was just La. Tech.  You understand.  I was at yet another wedding on Saturday and didn't...

LSU 24 - Louisiana Tech 16: Snap Judgments


If there's such a thing as a discouraging win, this may have been it.

ATVS Roundtable: Florida Aftermath/Bye Week


This may seem a week late, but Richard, Poseur and I decided to take a little more time with the open week to discuss not only the Florida game but also the second half of the coming season. ...

Behind the Numbers: LSU v UGa


Before we put the Georgia game behind us, let's take one last look at the box score and those nasty numbers which made a difference. 156-45. LSU and Georgia's rushing yards.  LSU's rushing game...

Feeling Out a 3-0 Start


Much has been made about LSU's start, at least within LSU circles. The offense looks terrible. The line isn't blocking. Jordan Jefferson doesn't have great accuracy. We've heard it all. But take a...

ATVS Post-Vanderbilt Roundtable


  Billy What were your thoughts on the game? How much of it met your expectations, and what did you like/not like? Richard My first thought is that the defense played great. Not...

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