Montario Hardesty

Tennessee Volunteers #2 - Running Back

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 215

100 Days of Vols #48: Win Your Division, Son


Back in the hearty days of 2007, men were men, boys were boys, and if you didn't win your division at least you weren't making the title game. Poor, poor Georgia. If they only hadn't gotten their head pounded in by the Vols on national TV.

The Search For Balance


Where have you gone, young Montario? A Vol Nation turns its lonely eyes from you. Woo, woo, woo. Pardon the loose Simon & Garfunkel reference. It just popped up on my iPod [yes, I listen to some...

Wes Brown's Knees Vs. 20 Yards For 25 Years: Best Plays of 2009


We're down to the semi-finals of the Best Plays of 2009. The first semi-final match up pits Wes Brown's pick six versus Vanderbilt against Montario Hardesty's OT game-winner at Kentucky.

Wicked Spin Move Vs. Game Over, Georgia: Best Plays of 2009


Montario Hardesty's wicked, double-whiff spin move versus South Carolina goes up against Hardesty's game-breaker TD versus Georgia in today's Best Plays of 2009 match up.

Stonewall Jackson vs. 20 Yards for 25 Years: Best Plays of 2009


Stonewall Jackson and 20 Yards for 25 Years advance to meet each other in the second round of the Best Plays of 2009 Bracket.

Who Needs Blockers vs. Game Over, Georgia: Best Plays of 2009


Today's match up in the Best Plays of 2009 pits Montario Hardesty's screen play versus Auburn against his game-clinching TD against Georgia.

Wicked Spin Move Vs. Hardesty Gets . . . AWAY: Best Plays of 2009


The Best Plays of 2009 continues with another all-Hardesty matchup: his spin move against South Carolina and his escape artist TD against Virginia Tech.

20 Yards for 25 Years vs. Hokie Pokin': Best Plays of 2009


Today's matchup in RTT's Best Plays of 2009 features Montario Hardesty's 20-yard game-winning TD in OT at Kentucky versus his 47-yard screen pass and run against Virginia Tech in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Wes Brown's Knees vs. Safety Bloody Safety: Best Plays of 2009


Today we kick off the annual Best Plays of 2009 with a match up featuring Wes Brown's pick six against Vandy on Senior Night against Dennis Rogan's safety against UCLA.

SEC 2010 // Tennessee Will Count to 22. At Some Point. Some Way.


The Vols lose a lot of players in 2010. Here's who they kept -- and who will replace the others.

Reviewing Tennessee's Class of 2009: RTT#3 Bryce Brown


RTT#3 in the Class of 2009 Bryce Brown came to Tennessee with HUGE expectations, and he did fairly well despite playing behind Montario Hardesty. The flakiness factor, though, will likely define his Tennessee career.

Reviewing Tennessee's Class of 2009: RTT#16 David Oku


RTT#16 David Oku is the first underranked/overachieving player for the Tennessee Volunteers in the Class of 2009. Oku excelled returning kickoffs and got into the action in the rushing and receiving games as well.

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