Eric Berry

Tennessee Volunteers #14 - Defensive Back

  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 203

5* DT and Vol Legacy McKenzie Commits to the Vols


They don't get much bigger than this one, folks. Literally.

Vols Will Be a Tough Out In November


Tennessee, as a young but talented team, should get better and better as the season progresses.

Butch Jones Is Peyton Manning's Homeboy


The former Vol quarterback, who is responsible for the coolest street name on UT's campus, visited said campus this past weekend to hand out scholarships, pass around footballs, and make a new BFF.

#14 In Your Programs, #1 In Your Hearts


The Rocky Top Talk 100 Days of Vols had yet to talk about Eric Berry. We regret the error. To make amends, our opponents have been sacked. And intercepted. A lot.


Eric Berry's secret is out

It was only a matter of time that someone discovered the truth about Tennessee's beloved Eric Berry.

Eric Berry, University of Tennessee


Every once in awhile, a player comes along who makes such a positive impact on a program and a community that he somehow separates himself from everyone else already put on a pedestal by throngs of...

Talking Points: Slaughtered by Association, Loopholing by Necessity


The day's news for Tennessee Volunteer fans.

Post-Spring Previews: Tennessee Volunteers at South Carolina Gamecocks


Post-Spring Previews: Tennessee Volunteers at South Carolina Gamecocks

Where I Come From: My Favorite Tennessee Team


What's your favorite Tennessee team of all-time? 1998, right? Well, what's your second favorite?

Derek Dooley to teach the earth is round. Or flat. Either way.


Today's talking points leads off with a tongue-in-cheek quote from Derek Dooley about him playing both sides of the BCS/Non-BCS argument.

Talking Points: Now With 100% More Vuvuzela


Today's Talking Points comes complete with the same background noise you'll hear at every World Cup match. Oh, and there's some news, too, for you sticklers.

Wes Brown's Knees vs. Miracle for Naught: Best Plays of 2009


We're into the second round of the Best Plays of 2009, and Wes Brown's Knees advances to take on Miracle for Naught, which narrowly beat Eric Berry's fumble return we all thought at the time was a...

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