Cameron Newton

Auburn Tigers #2 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 250

Why is Johnny different?

A mostly subjective explanation for why I wanted a hypothetically-guilty Cam Newton to get suspended, but I want a hypothetically-guilty Johnny Manziel to play every game. Share your own feelings...

Malzahn and Nightmare Fuel: Part Two


Installment two of a three-part series skinny dipping in data on the Gus Malzahn offense. Heedless conclusions are drawn, and wild assumptions are made: Fun for the whole family (or, if in Auburn,...

Ray Glier's How the SEC Became Goliath


As I type this, Alabama is pushing a Notre Dame team around the national championship turf in Miami on their way to the SEC's seventh straight national title. This brings to mind a book I mentioned...

SEC Power Poll (Week Two): Hogs on Verge of Relegation to Sun Belt Conference

Where do the Georgia Bulldogs rank in the SEC Power Poll? Dawg Sports explains where the 14 teams stand in the toughest league in college football.

Kentucky Football: Why Kentucky Won't Win the 2012 Governor's Cup

The reasons why the Kentucky Wildcats will not beat the Louisville Cardinals Sunday in the Governor's cup game. Part 2 of a 2-part series.

What If Cam Newton Played For Akron?


Could a Heisman QB turn a terrible team into a champion? We simulated Cam Newton on 2010 Akron (1-11).

Auburn Sets the Stage One More Time // SEC 2012: The New SEC


Auburn is flying under the radar again, but that's not going to be an acceptable thing for much longer.

2011 SEC Power Poll: The Final Verdict


The 2011 college football season has concluded, and the time has come to rank the twelve current teams of the Southeastern Conference in the final edition of the SEC Power Poll. Where did your...

Happy New Year


I sat down to look at the TSK stats for 2011 in Google Analytics today, and it was jaw dropping. Before doing anything else, I want to thank all of you who come here an make it a site worth writing...

SEC's Biggest Stories in 2011 No. 3: Auburn Wins the BCS Championship. Hey, Where Did Everybody Go?


Auburn won the national title to start the year. By the time December 2011 rolled around, that seemed like a very long time ago.

SEC's Biggest Stories in 2011 No. 4: NCAA Investigations


The NCAA's investigation of Cam Newton's recruitment was a dominant story in the SEC this year, but Auburn wasn't the only school in the league to go under the microscope.

The Challenge for the SEC's Two Newest Coaches


New SEC coaches Hugh Freeze and Kevin Sumlin like to push the pace on offense. Will they be able to?

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