Erik Kohler

Washington Huskies #75 - Offensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 294

Dot...Dot...Dawg (1/13)


We have the latest on what's cooking on the University of Washington from all around the Web.

Top Huskies For 2013 — No. 8: Ben Riva


Injuries plagued Washington's offensive line in 2012, and Ben Riva was no exception. But when he was healthy he showed that there's at least one reason to be optimistic going forward.

Offensive Line Starts In The Steve Sarkisian Era


Some people look at offensive line starts as a possible predictor of a football team's success. How have the Huskies looked in that statistic under Steve Sarkisian?

Washington looks to finish with a flourish

The Washington Huskies are poised to finish their season in style after winning yet another game against Utah. Steve Sarkisian seems to be coaching UW up, but Keith Price still could improve more.

Stanford stays healthy despite loss to Washington

The Cardinal are staying healthy, but need to regroup for their meeting with Arizona next week.

Mid Week Debate - End of 1st Quarter Concerns


Results from last week: What do you think of Brock Huard's prediction that Keith Price will take a step back this season? It was a very close race, 42% of the Dawg Pound faithful thought Huard was...

And That is a Live Tiger On the Sidelines of the Huskies' Practice

Coach Steve Sarkisian brought a live Bengal tiger to the Huskies' practice in an effort to prepare them for everything LSU this weekend.

Weekend Debate - Who will win the Pac-12 Championship?


Results from last week: What is the main cause of the injury bug at the UW? With a overwhelming 42% of the votes, the Dawg Pound faithful believe: "It's just football". The good news is that most...

Better Know The Playbook: The Jailbreak Screen


In the first entry in a series looking at plays that are in Steve Sarkisian's playbook, we're going to break down a wide receiver screen that has commonly become known as "The Jailbreak." Since the...

Colin Porter hangs it up


Colin Porter hangs it up

Answers to some burning Husky questions.


Answers to the burning questions that have been posted all over the boards of Husky nation.

The Monday Morning Wash


So what is wrong with the Huskies? They go down to LA and upset the Trojans. They return home and lay an egg against Arizona State.  Why can't this team turn in consistent performances from week to...

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