Kain Colter

Senior-North All-Stars #2 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 190

MnB B1G Preview: Three key players for NW football


In continuance of our Big Ten preview, we take a look at the three key players for Northwestern football this upcoming season.

Do Collegiate Athletes Deserve To Unionize


Kain Colter opened the door for a wide-spread discussion on the value of collegiate athletics, and whether athletes deserve to be paid larger benefits for their services.

Flakes: College Football Is Big Business?


Alabama's athletic revenues last year, which totaled $143 million, exceeded those of all 30 NHL teams and 25 of the 30 NBA teams. Did you know that? That, and more of the news you need to know!

What if Northwestern players refuse the union?

One frequently overlooked detail: Northwestern players aren't in a union yet. They're just allowed to choose whether to join one.

How the union can work *for* Northwestern

Northwestern could fight the player union movement all the way to the end. Or it could negotiate a handful of concessions to players and then reap the benefits.

What do OSU players think of NW's union efforts?


A few Buckeyes, both current and recent grads, have talked about recent news events at Northwestern and the concept of unionization in college football in general. Let's see what they've said.

Why I'm Not Celebrating the NLRB Ruling


The ruling for Northwestern students might not survive appeal. But if it does, the fallout could be a lot more chaotic and disappointing than you think

What the college union win means

Kain Colter and the Northwestern football team can unionize. So what does this mean, and what happens next, for the Wildcats and elsewhere?

Northwestern's Union: We've Got Answers

Hustle Belt takes a look at today's decision holding that Northwestern football players have the right to vote to join a union, and explains what it might mean for the MAC, athletes from other...

Gene Smith: O'Bannon, NW could've been avoided


Gene Smith spoke to CBS Sports before today's landmark ruling in Northwestern's regional NLRB hearings came to pass. See his thoughts on the O'Bannon case, Kain Colter and co., and more.

Delany: Downplays Friday games, anti-pay for play


The most powerful man in the Big Ten spoke to a wide range of subjects including additional Friday night games, college athletes potentially unionizing, and professional drafts.

Flakes: A Deflating Loss...


Nebrasketball's loss to Illinois was deflating, but not the end of the world. That and other things you want to read today.

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