Kenny Bell

Nebraska Cornhuskers #80 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 185

Corn Flakes: Darned Near August


Random news. Again.

Interview w/ Nebraska Wide Receiver Kenny Bell


Senior Nebraska wide receiver chats with the VSH crew to answer questions about the life of a student-athlete, the quarterback race, Jayskers, individual and team expectations for next season, the...

Flakes: Enjoying July


News. July is rather boring.

Flakes: Is The NCAA Losing The Ed O'Bannon Trial?


The Ed O'Bannon trial, Abdullah makes Heisman lists (duh), updates on the CWS, and more!

The Fro Never Left Kenny Bell.


Remember all the hubbub over Kenny Bell slicing off his hair? Well, looks like that didn't happen.



Panic has ensued over Husker Nation. Kenny Bell has cut the 'Fro off.

Golden Nugs: NCAA Football Wussification!


The NCAA gets closer to flag football, a former Gopher struggles with a medical condition, a former Gopher scores his first professional goal, and 8 others have one goal in mind....the CUP!

Bo Pelini: A Coach and His Cat


The running gag about Nebraska's head coach and a cat went to epic levels when Pelini and a cat led the Huskers onto the field for the Spring Game. It lightens up a tarnished public image for a...

Big Red Cobcast: Nebraska Spring Game Predictions


Ryan and Joe are back with episode nine of the Big Red Cobcast podcast. They make their spring game predictions and predict the entire 2014 season. Has someone been drinking koolaid?

Kenny Bell Made Creighton Fans Mad on Tuesday


Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell is a Husker fan of all sports. That didn't sit well with a few Jayskers with split allegiances, and a few got really ugly.

2013 Husker Football: Play of the Year


Two 99 yard plays and two unbelievable catches make this a tough choice. What play gets your vote for best of the 2013 Nebraska football season?

December Recruiting Updates and Thoughts


The Huskers hit it hard up to the dead period... with mixed results.

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