Sheldon Richardson

Missouri Tigers #34 - Defensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 295

Watercooler: Marvin, ends, and FOA


Mizzou has produced a lot of good defensive ends, teams are racing to figure out Auburn, Marvin Foster has found his calling, and the Football Outsiders Almanac 2014 is now available!

Links: Sam Watch, big game tonight

Sheldon Richardson speaks out in support of Michael Sam, Mizzou Hoops host Arkansas tonight, weather throws a kink into diamond plans, and the NCAA fixes one stupid rule and tries to implement...

Links: LSU, Flip, Sam, and #stubble


LSU's basketball team has size to burn, Phil Pressey gets more minutes in Boston, Michael Sam battles at the Senior Bowl, and Ehren Earleywine's softball team gets started with 2014.

Links: Fatcat O, sloppy hoops, sack dances

Sheldon Richardson scores, Mizzou Hoops foregoes grace in a win over Western Michigan, Michael Sam does a graduation sack dance, and football commits converge on snowy Columbia.

Links: Fat guys and 2007


Missouri's defensive line is lean and fast, Dylan Thompson will start for South Carolina on Saturday, and Mizzou Hoops opens exhibition season tomorrow night at the Hearnes Center.

Links: Mauk's getting advice


Florida's defense is tremendous, Maty Mauk's getting a lot of advice, a big basketball visit begins, and Mizzou Volleyball has its own big battle versus Florida.

Brantley is MU's margin for error


If Brantley can hold his own -- and we certainly shouldn't rule that out -- then Mizzou might be able to hold on at tackle without Sheldon Richardson.

Can Hoch raise his game?


Matt Hoch was a lovely complement to Sheldon Richardson in 2012. How will he fare as the new leader at the tackle position?

Ray's got the genes


Shane Ray was an interesting, aggressive reserve in 2012; in 2013, he's getting groomed to become the No. 1 end in 2014.

Ealy has to be The Man


Ealy's ceiling is the highest on the defense, and the closer he comes to reaching it, the higher he makes Mizzou's ceiling as well.

Mizzou Links, 7-26-13


Laurence Bowers will start parties in Israel, and the football season starts in 36 days.

Missouri's Roster Looks Healthy for Now | SEC 2013

This year, the Tigers are hoping for a little better luck when it comes to the injury report. Who will lead Missouri if the depth chart holds?

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