Zach Maynard

Buffalo Bulls #6 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-3
  • Weight: 185

Golden Recruiting Wire: The Bears Move Forward


With Brady White's disappointing commitment to ASU occurring last week, the Bears focus in a new direction at QB.

Kelly Dismissed from Clemson: Danger, Jeff Quinn!


Why the Bulls should stay very far away from the former four star recruit as he looks for a new place to play.

Week 6 College Football Picks Against The Spread: Pac-12 Edition

We provide predictions for week six of the 2011 college football season. Your best bet might be to bet the opposite.

Zach Maynard, Cal Football Quarterback: Recalling His Buffalo Bulls Days


Potential Cal football starting quarterback Zach Maynard is a junior transfer from the Buffalo Bulls. We talk to a UB sportswriter about Maynard's potential as a passer and his pure athleticism as a runner and playmaker.

Golden Nuggets: Cal Baseball's David Esquer Named Coach of the Year; Contract Extension Likely


Cal baseball's coach David Esquer was named Coach of the Year and will likely sign a contract extension. Can his Bears keep the CWS dream alive?

Interview With Golden Bear, Mike Silver


Interview With Golden Bear, @MikeSilver. I could write more, but what's the point, that sentence was enough!

Pac 12 Power Ratings -Post Spring


Pac 12 Power Ratings -Post Spring

Cal Football 2011 First Looks: Possible Weaknesses


Cal fans, what do you think will be the potential weaknesses of the 2011 California Golden Bears football team?

Golden Nuggets: Jeff Tedford Talks Quarterbacks in a Preview of the Cal-Fresno State Season Opener


Cal coach Jeff Tedford joins Fresno State coach Pat Hill to discuss this season's opening matchup between the two teams.



DID YOU REALIZE THAT YOU WERE A CHAMPION IN THEIR EYES? Dance like nobody's watching; love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening; Dan like it's DANPOCALYPSE on earth: The Dan...

Who's Talking Bull? Crow anyone?


I had quite a bit of 'fun' last off season at the expense of Zach Maynard and his decision to leave Buffalo and join his Brother at Cal, Well seems as though he has made good.. Maynard named...

Golden Nuggets: Cal's Starting Quarterback Zach Maynard is Ready to Get to Work


Cal coach Jeff Tedford has named Zach Maynard as this season's starting quarterback. How will Tedford use Maynard's mobility transform the Cal offense?

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