Travis Benjamin

Miami-Florida Hurricanes #3 -

  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 175

2012 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Draft WR Travis Benjamin at No. 100 Overall

The Cleveland Browns have finally addressed their WR situation. The Browns waited until the No. 100 pick in the fourth round and drafted Miami WR Travis Benjamin.

Scouting FSU's Rivals: Where Are The Playmakers At Florida And Miami?

With all the talent produced by the Sunshine State, one would figure Florida and Miami would have better receivers. That doesn't appear to be the case.


Today's Varsity Numbers column at Football Outsiders deals with 2011 surprises.

NCAA Hands Out Miami Player Suspensions, Possibly Impacting Atlantic Division Title Race

Eight University of Miami football student-athletes must miss competition and repay benefits as a condition of becoming eligible to play again, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. Will the Miami player suspensions have an impact on this year's ACC Atlantic Division title race?

Miami Ruling Players Ineligible to Try to Get Them Eligible to Play Maryland

Maryland's first opponent is beginning the reinstatement process of their star players.

Now That Miami's Living On Borrowed Time, What's Next?

What's the next move for Al Golden and the Hurricanes after Yahoo! dropped the Tsar Bomba of investigative journalism on them?

Georgia Tech vs. Miami: Where The Jackets MUST Get Back On Track

Winfield writes about Georgia Tech vs. Miami and how the Jackets need to take this game.

Virginia Post-Game Thread: The Full Autopsy

First things first, via Barry Jackson: Saturday's loss will increase the volume of some angry UM fans who want Randy Shannon fired. But despite a disappointing 5-3 record, UM president Donna...

The Connect: Hey, We Make Connect Again, Yes?

That's "track commit" Latwan Anderson throwing up the U after breaking former NFL'er Robert Smith's 1988 Ohio state record in the 400 meters. Anderson ran a 47.26, and referred to...

Five Reasons For Concern Against The Miami Hurricanes

Oklahoma fans get to enjoy a stress free weekend of college football with the Sooners off but I can’t help but think about the Miami Hurricanes.

September is for Juniors: Florida State 2011 Recruiting Focus

Want to know who FSU is recruiting for the 2011 cycle? Read about all of the great prospects that they offered.


this guy... is better at killing seminoles than this guy...   and this guy...   combined.   and since we're throwing decorum out the window on this one... i hope robert enjoyed watching that...

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