Brian Coulter

Missouri Tigers #2 - Defensive Linesman

  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 250

The Missouri Tigers All-Season Team: Jacquies Smith or Brian Coulter


Rock M Nation analyzes the best performances at each position from the 2009 season. Today's vote: Jacquies Smith or Brian Coulter?

Mizzou Links, 12-17-09


Today's Missouri links. Topics include the Texas Bowl, Big Ten expansion, and Brian Coulter being named a finalist for the Rudy Award.

2 Days


Rock M Roundtable!


1 - It's Kansas Week!  As always, explain to me succinctly and perfectly...why oh why does Kansas have to suck so much?2 - What's more important: skill position talent and experience, or talent...

Mizzou Links, 6-2-09


Well, I guess it's official: Sheldon Richardson did not qualify.  We knew that was going to happen.  Now here's the interesting part: who knows if he'll pull it off, but he's apparently going to...

Mizzou Links, ¡CINCO DE MAYO!


I hadn't heard of "ROARS" until about 5pm yesterday, but it sounds like it was a pretty fun evening at Mizzou Arena last night, as lots of Mizzou athletes received attention and affirmation as...

A 2009 Walkthrough: Defensive Ends


A look at what's in store for Missouri football in 2009 from the defensive end position. Names to remember include Jacquies Smith, Brian Coulter, Aldon Smith, and Sheldon Richardson.

Mizzou Links, 1-8-08


So for those of you filled with consternation about the 2008 Mizzou defense, this PowerMizzou article about incoming LB Joshua Tatum is probably music to your ears. "With next year's group of...

Mizzou Links, 10-28-08


Press conference quotes!  "5:30 on Saturday" was not a gimmick, you hear me?  Now where was I?  Oh yeah...2:00 on Saturday. "('5:30 Saturday') wasn't a gimmick. It was probably my frustration....

Mizzou Links, 10-15-08


It's time for Cut to the Chase (with your very own Unitas Award finalist)! Who's the culprit for Jeremy Maclin's bruised knee?  Brian Coulter.  Not sure why Mizzou's very own God would do...

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