Jonathan Dwyer

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets #21 - Running Back

  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 235

Who are Your Top 5 Favorite Offensive GT Players?


Let's lighten the mood, since apparently I've been the bearer of bad news recently

Georgia Tech Football: The Fast Track to Healing

Every fan knows best how to fix it when a team is struggling.

Analyzing Spaz-Led D's Vs. The Triple-Option

Bend-but-don't-break vs. the triple-option, who wins?

The Intricacies of the Triple Option


BSD takes a look into the intricacies of the triple option attack.

Top 5 Reasons Why the NCAA's Sanctions Suck

An announcement was made last Friday of the NCAA's upholding of the sanctions it levied against Georgia Tech due to the alleged illegal benefits allegedly received by Demaryius Thomas and Morgan...

Could Jordan Dwyer, Jon's Younger Brother, Be Groh-Worthy?


The younger brother of Jonathan Dwyer is putting out recruiting videos and as a sibling of a Georgia Tech-great, naturally we're interested. Watch the video. Tell us what you think

2011 NFL Combine Wrap Up: Anthony Allen Meets Expectations (From What We Could Find)


Anthony Allen took place in the 2011 NFL Combine and performed well in comparison to his Georgia Tech B-back predecessor.

What Professional Football Experts Say About Former Tech Athletes


A little web surfing plus a few select phone calls reveals a seamy underbelly of NFL trash talk and rumor-mongering when it comes to the young men who have given their all on the field and in the...

NFL Draft Profile: Running Back Anthony Allen


FTRS begins profiling the NFL Draft prospects from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Why Is Jonathan Dwyer Not Playing In Pittsburgh? -- A Chat With Behind The Steel Curtain


I, like many Georgia Tech fans, have been watching and waiting to see when rookie Jonathan Dwyer would get his first chance at regular season action with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tech fans saw the...

The Pittsburgh Steelers Would Rather Play Troy Polamalu At RB Than Jonathan Dwyer


Did you know safety Troy Polamalu is the Pittsburgh Steelers emergency running back? And not Jonathan Dwyer, who earned 2,790 yards in two years as the featured back in the Georgia Tech Yellow...

Georgia Tech running backs diagnosed with fumble-itis!


How bad has the fumbling problem infected the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets?

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