Chazz Anderson

Buffalo Bulls #7 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 222

Senior Salute - Alex Zordich


Buzz before he arrived: Zordich was on Jeff Quinn's radar when the QB attended a camp at Cincinnati. With the loss of dual-threat Zach Maynard, UB was hopeful the dual-threat QB with the NFL...

Licata Record Watch


Joe Licata's career game in a losing effort to Toledo made a big impact on his placement in the UB Record books. The Sophomore was already in the midst of an amazing season but with almost 500...

Road To Columbus - Yager Stadium


Welcome to:Oxford, Ohio Population - 21,371Home Of Miami University Enrollment - 20,126Public, Non-AAU Fred C. Yager Stadium via Jaime Sabau Miles...

The 2012 Season shouted No, Licata whispered maybe


Webster's defines hope as: "To Cherish a desire with anticipation"

Little Caesars? Yes. Little Caesars Bowl? No.


Will Danny White burn it all like the Joker? Will Jeff Quinn be UB's reckoning? Did I write this while, drinking, eating pizza, crying in the corner of the shower & listening to Usher's Let It Burn? Find out next week...same UB Time, Same UB Channel.

Know Your Bulls: #15 Alex Zordich


Zordich initially won the starting job mid way through 2010 as a true freshman. Four games into his tenure his ribs were broken and he was sidelined for the remainder of the season. Last season Chazz Anderson transferred in and Zodrich was relegated

Know Your Bulls: #19 Alex Neutz

Back in 2010, with the departure of Turner Gill and Buffalo’s top two receivers, Neutz had a chance to help define what receivers would be under incoming head coach Jeff Quinn. Neutz wasted no time securing his spot on the UB depth chart. In the sea

Know Your Bulls: #42 Ryan Paxson


Ryan Paxson has not yet seen a down of football at the NCAA level but there is still reason to think he could make a impact for the Bulls, just not this season.

2011 Video Review UConn @ Buffalo 4th Quarter


2011 Video Review UConn @ Buffalo 4th Quarter. Nick Williams Strikes again, UConn wins 17-3. Worst game ever.

99 for 99 - #83: Rodriguez to Quatrani Open New Era of UB Football


99 for 99 - #83: Rodriguez to Quatrani Open New Era of UB Football...Before there was Willy to Roosevelt, there was Rodriguez to Quatrani.

2011 Video Review UConn @ Buffalo 1st Quarter


UConn @ Buffalo 1st Qr: If you like Buffalo & are happy, save it for Monday. If you like UConn, happy Friday.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh 1st Quarter


Remember that happy feeling that was immediately killed by a 52 yard Kick return? UB 2011 season review: The Pitt game 1st Quarter.

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