Scott Long

Louisville Cardinals #84 - Wide Receiver

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 214

When Life Imitates Art: Louisville Cardinal Football And Saved By The Bell

Louisville football and Saved by the Bell: two pieces of art that are essentially one.

Quick thoughts on Cincinnati, Kragthorpe and the remainder of the '09 season


I've mentioned the numb feeling I have regarding the Louisville football program multiple times over the course of this season. It's the reason behind the lack of stimulating (or at least wordy)...

Louisville wins a football game


There's no part of me that wasn't happy that we won on Saturday night. The players on this team have dealt with a college career's worth of controversy in about two months, and they more than...

Why I Think I'll Enjoy This Season


My Dad--who sometime during the past 10 years changed from a hothead, forever-yelling-at-the-TV Louisville madman into a mellow, "there's always next year" Cardinal apologist--told me in the weeks...

CardsFan922's Unsolicited Rambling 2009 Season Preview Thinkpiece


CardsFan922's Unsolicited Rambling 2009 Season Preview Thinkpiece

On the legacy of Hunter Cantwell


Regardless of whether his collegiate swan song is comprised of him throwing four touchdowns in a victory or four interceptions in a loss, Hunter Cantwell's Louisville legacy has already been...

U of L receivers to alternate wearing No. 84


Awesome stuff from Rick Bozich. But as the Cardinals practiced yesterday, a player wearing No. 84 -- Long's number -- was racing around the field, catching passes and energizing the offense. It...

Long done for the year


One week. That's all I wanted. One week to feel nothing but positive about the current state of Louisville football and about the overall direction things were heading. Son. Of. A. Bitch. L...

Scott Long injures knee again


No official word, but the buzz is not reassuring. Brace yourself for some unfiltered rage in the a.m.

Hell + Yes


Let's shelve the commentary; everybody enjoy this one tonight.

Why Louisville beats South Florida


Any late-October home game against a ranked opponent is going to demand attention, but you can't help but feel like tomorrow's game against South Florida is especially significant because it might...

Cantwell, Long will play on Friday


At his weekly press conference this afternoon, Steve Kragthorpe said that quarterback Hunter Cantwell is good to go for Friday's game at Memphis, and that he could have played if the Cards had been...

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