Quenton Washington

South Florida Bulls #2 - Cornerback

  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 196

Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 14


Good Morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a better night than Cal QB Zach Maynard. On to the links! 1. The defense is happy to see Quenton Washington get back to 100% after injuring his knee during...

Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 21


Good morning V5ers! Who's ready for tacos for lunch today? On to the links! 1. After a disappointing last couple of weeks, CB Quenton Washington will be shut down this week to recuperate from a...

Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 18


Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a better weekend than John Marinatto. Seriously. If it was as bad as John's then I feel really bad for you. On to the links! 1. After a couple of shaky...

The Day After: USF-Notre Dame


Just think of this as your post-game Bull-ogosphere. If you guys have a better name for this let us know in the comments. -A lot of good stuff from the official site. First we have a good recap...

Stampeding Through The Roster: #1 S Jerrell Young


Personal note: I have a ridiculous goofy smile in my USF graduation photo, because president Betty Castor surprised me by saying something genuinely funny. I was the very last person of what seemed...

B.J. Daniels Among USF Bulls Football Captains


Junior QB B.J. Daniels, the first Junior selected by a Holtz-led team, is among four players named as captains for the USF Bulls 2011 football campaign.

Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 1


September! September means football! On to the links! 1. Congrats to B.J. Daniels, Chaz Hine, Jerrell Young, and Quenton Washington, who were voted as captains by the team earlier this week. I...

Stampeding Through The Roster: #6 CB Kayvon Webster


Six Days! Today we meet a player who is ready to step up as a fulltime starter this season. #6 CB Kayvon Webster Junior, 5'11", 196 lbs. Stats In 2010: Kayvon started in all 13 games last season,...

Show Me Something: Kayvon Webster And The Secondary


The USF secondary could be on the spot this year more than a lot of people think.

Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 17


Good Morning V5ers! Not a lot of stuff out there from practice yesterday as the team prepared to return from Vero Beach, so let's roll with a Bull-ogosphere. On to the links! 1. If you didn't spend...

Your Holtzism of the Week


Welcome to our weekly look at the weird and hilarious things that come out of Coach Skip Holtz's mouth. I thought Skip might break out a few bon mots this week with the start of camp, but he was...

Daily Bull-ogosphere: August 2


Good Tuesday morning V5ers! Hopefully you've gotten over Jeremiah Warren getting screwed out of the Big East LobsterFest record because SOMEONE forgot to buy enough lobsters. #FIREMARINATTO 1. We...

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