Derrell Smith

Syracuse Orange #25 -

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 232

Shafer's Goals, Passions, Dreams & The Damn ACC

It's been a week so here's a reminder that Scott Shafer kicks ass.

Syracuse Football, Shine On You Crazy Diamonds

The one where Dan only briefly touches on Syracuse's win over Missouri, but rather pontificates on the nature of Orange and college sports fandom.

Shamarko Thomas Is...The Bonemaster

Scott Shafer hands out The Bone to the hardest-hitter in each week's game. Shamarko Thomas is on the verge of earning more of them than anyone else.

Links - Desko Talking To Nick Galasso

Syracuse University men's lacrosse coach John Desko confirmed today through a university spokesman that the school is speaking with Nicky Galasso about an opportunity to transfer to Syracuse University and play for the Orange.

Syracuse Football: Get to Know Your Orange Man - #11 Marquis Spruill

Spruill took the reigns from Doug Hogue and Derrell Smith to become Syracuse's top linebacker last year.

Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man--#11 Marquis Spruill

Admit it: you still don't know enough Orange men.  So brush up on all the profile's we've profiled by clicking here. Then, come back and read about the Orange-man that is #11, linebacker Marquis...

Big East Football: SB Nation Releases 2011-'12 Preview

On Monday, our friends at SB Nation and its Big East conference blog, Big East Coast Bias, released its 2011-12 football preview. Inside the preview is SB Nation's Big East Preseason Rankings, a...

Syracuse Daily Links - The Mustaching Of Orange Football

FanPhooey decided to figure out what other Syracuse notables might look like with a Mikhail Marinovich-style mustache. Scoop Jardine looks so mature!

Undrafted Syracuse Football Players Flying Off The Shelves

For folks like Derrell Smith, Mike Holmes, Ryan Bartholomew and Rob Long, the start of NFL free agency might be that much more sweet. Now, they might finally be able to show off their stuff and earn a spot on a pro roster.

NFL Draft: Syracuse Player Before And After

One of the fun throwaway features that popped up after the 2011 NFL Draft was over was the before and after photos of top picks. Seeing the difference between these guys from the time they...

2011 NFL Draft Saturday Open Thread

The 2011 NFL draft rolls on into the third day with the fourth through seventh rounds. We had the first round on Thursday night and then the second and third rounds made up day two. So now we...

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