Dan Persa

Northwestern Wildcats #7 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 210

Time for the Main Course: Northwestern Potluck Pt2


Well, unsurprisingly, Rutgers is passed out in the billiard room. Someone put the pool cover over them, and we'll get on with our dinner.

B1G 2014 // Hate through the Pity


Fuck you, Illinois.

Knowing Northwestern: Q&A With Sippin' On Purple


The Syracuse Orange are taking on the Northwestern Wildcats this weekend. We need to know things about them as a football squad and as a fanbase. That means we need the help of someone who knows....

On Rankings and Expectations

Northwestern hasn't done well when ranked. Why this will change in 2013.



Illinois is putting itself out there.

Friday Sips, Featuring Ethering @RealSkipBayless, NU Bears, And More

Predictions coming up in a bit, let's yell at Skip Bayless! Skipping, still illegal in Evanston: There are few people the sports world dislikes as strongly as Skip Bayless. Unfortunately, being...

Northwestern Football Season Prediction/Preview Threadstravaganza!

SoP's staff predicts how Northwestern will fare this season - how do you feel about the Cats chances?

Northwestern Football Preview: Kain Colter Looks To Lead Wildcats To Fifth Straight Bowl Game

A Northwestern team with a strong offense but shaky defense will look to continue a string of recent success by going to the postseason for the fifth straight year in 2012.

One Less Day Til Football Season, No. 8, Demetrius Fields (and Jack Mitchell)

Demetrius Fields is a senior wide receiver who should be one of Kain Colter's prime targets in his final season at Northwestern.

SoP Q-and-A: @TheOnlyColors Talks 300, Aircraft Carriers, MSU Football

MSU blogger Chris Vannini from The Only Colors discusses his obsession with the movie "300" and this year's MSU-Northwestern matchup.

SoP Q-and-A: BHGP's @RossWB Discusses Sorcery, Zeppelin Disasters, and Iowa Football

Northwestern will play Iowa for homecoming, something that shouldn't be awesome for one team or another at all, as the Big Ten's best rivalry nobody knows about broils on.

2012 Big Ten Football Picks: Wisconsin Better Than Ohio State, Michigan

Big Ten college football betting picks on season win totals. Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan and others featured.

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