Vincent Smith

Michigan Wolverines #2 - Running Back

  • Height: 5-6
  • Weight: 175

South Carolina Pro Day 2014 Preview


Several Carolina players will be scrutinized by scouts at Carolina's Pro Day, but Clowney will be the center of attention.

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Emmanuel Sanders inspires the next generation


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Final Takes: Quantifying the Clowney Curve


South Carolina's precocious pass rusher is the first defensive frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy in recent memory. How good does he have to be to actually win it?

2012 Memorable Plays: The Hit


This post concludes our series on the memorable plays of 2012. As you'll be shocked to learn, the grand prize goes to Jadeveon Clowney's forced fumble on Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl. For...

Five for Fall: Who Will Win the Tailback Job?


Michigan has two intriguing options to shoulder the rushing load, but both come with a list of concerns and questions.

The Deciders: Jadeveon Clowney, S.C. | SEC 2013

What kind of a season can we expect out of perhaps the most feared defensive player in the country? His teammates will have something to say about that

Clowney would've been ejected, says Pereira

The NCAA's new automatic ejections rule would've eliminated the most memorable college football play of the 2012 season, former Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira told SB Nation's Steven...

The Morning Feed // 7.16.13


The Morning Feed // 7.16.13 - Clowney tugs, Koumas goes under the knife, Gamecocks put up stats in MLB

The Only Clowney Post You Need to Read Until Fall



Stephen Garcia: "Stay the hell outta five points"


Stephen Garcia doles out advice to freshman quarterbacks, Marcus Lattimore continues to be an amazing human being, and Today In Jadeveon Clowney.

Watch Clowney sack Golson in high school

Jadeveon Clowney has been hitting football players for a long time, even as a teenager. Here are highlights of Clowney going after a young Everett Golson during their high school days in South...

Vincent Smith on Clowney hit

The former Michigan running back did a Reddit AMA on Tuesday afternoon, and surprisingly enough, some people asked him about the Clowney hit.

The Daily Feed: CLOWNEY RUNNIN' [a 4.5 40 yd dash]


Jadeveon Clowney reportedly ran a 4.5 second 40 yard dash and was interviewed by Tom Rinaldi despite having no diagnosed fatal illness.

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