Eric Martin

Nebraska Cornhuskers #46 - Defensive End

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 250

2013 NFL Draft Profile: Eric Martin (DE)

Eric Martin started as a linebacker before making the switch to defensive end but can he transition from college to the NFL?

Georgia Beats Nebraska How, Exactly?


The SB Nation Georgia site Dawg Sports put together their keys to victory in the 2013 Capital One Bowl based on their past performance. How will those stand up against this year's Nebraska team?

Husker & Wiscy Wednesday News


In Today's Reads, adidas discusses an annual uniform change for Nebraska, women's volleyball takes on Mitten State, and OTE grades the non-conference public relations disaster.

Someone Please Give Nebraska's Eric Martin His Checks


Nebraska defensive end Eric Martin has not received his checks yet. Which checks in particular has not been determined, but we can surmise he's yet to obtain some sort of life-sustaining payment...

The Debate: Should College Football Be Banned?


A debate about whether college football should be banned will take place tonight. We discuss the points raised as part of the debate and conclude....

Saturday Night Not All Right for Caputo and Martin


In the span of two hours, Eric Martin and Mike Caputo found themselves in legal hot water.

Cob of the Week: Oklahoma's Travis Lewis, Unfaithful OU Fans, Bielema's Time Outs, ABC, Lee Corso and Tim Tebow


Corn Nation's nominees for the worst performances of the past weekend include: Oklahoma's Travis Lewis for having a big mouth, OU fans for leaving early, Tim Tebow, ABC, and Lee Corso.

Nebraska's Loss To Texas A&M: Big 12 Officiating Sucks But So Does Bo Pelini's Behavior


It was a helluva football game between the Aggies and Huskers but football isn't what the game will be remembered for.


Eric Martin Suspended By the Big 12 for the Mizzou Game

Nebraska linebacker Eric Martin has been suspended by the Big 12 conference for a hit during the Oklahoma State game. It just happened to be the week of the game that probably determines the Big 12...

For Husker Fans This Season Will Be About Work Ethic


The rest of the 2009 Husker season is going to be tough to watch, but why should this bother fans from a state that pride's itself on work ethic?

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