Adam James

Texas Tech Red Raiders #82

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 230

Gold Nuggets: G Stills, Big 12, And ESPN Exposed


Join me for another set of Gold Nuggets where we enjoy stories from Mountaineers past, try not to get burned when discussing Big 12 offenses and hold our nose as Joe Schad walks by.

Leach's case against James, ESPN dismissed

The former Texas Tech coach can still appeal.

Leach impugns SEC, bifocal-wearing refs, on ESPN

The WSU coach was quotable on First Take, as usual. And SEC fan is none too pleased!

The inherent issue created by alleging abuse


The former WSU wide receiver might yet be vindicated. But if his claims prove to be false - or even simply a matter of perception - the damage he's already done will be irreparable.

Game Overview: Washington State Cougars at UNLV Rebels

Here is an overview of the game between UNLV and Washington State on Friday. GAME: Washington State Cougars at UNLV Rebels WHERE: Las Vegas, NV DATE/TIME: Friday, September 14, 9:00 P.M. ET TV:...

New "Friday Night Lights Movie" AKA The Mike Leach Story


Peter Berg has been out and about promoting his latest film, "Battleship" a summer science fiction flick loosely based on the board game. Berg was being interviewed for Details magazine in his...

Craig James Calls Mike Leach A 'Bully,' Says Ironic Things


Craig James helped use his national media voice to get Mike Leach fired by Texas Tech for allegedly locking Adam James in an electrical closet. Adam James has admitted in court that this did not...

Mike Leach's Lawsuit Against Texas Tech Is Basically Dead


Clearing up a few things about today's ruling on Mike Leach's appeal in Texas.

Lo And Behold, Adam James Made Something Of Himself

Yes, Craig James did pretty much sculpt the legend of high school tight end Adam James out of nothing, but it's worth noting James the younger did have an effective senior year at Texas Tech.

Texas Tech Still Clinging To Craig James' Mike Leach Myth

I'll just let Washington State blog Coug Center take it from here. A sampling of Brian Floyd's asunder-renting of Texas Tech's letter regarding Mike Leach's settlement request:↵↵↵↵As Mr....

Texas Tech Rejects Mike Leach's Settlement Request With Dumbest Letter Ever


Texas Tech sent Mike Leach a letter rejecting his settlement and it's completely stupid

Mike Leach's Lawsuits Against ESPN, Texas Tech Definitely Not Dropped, In Case You Wondered

Washington State coach Mike Leach is definitely not yet done suing Texas Tech, ESPN and Craig James.

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