Lavelle Hawkins

California Golden Bears #0 - Wide Receiver

  • Height:
  • Weight: 0

CGB HoF:3)Shareef Abdur-Rahim v(14)Lavelle Hawkins


Pure scoring basketball superstar Shareef Abdur-Rahim takes on sure handed wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins. Who is your pick to move on?

The Sacramento Report: Jeremy Ross Honored At Tiny Bates Award Banquet


Jeremy Ross was honored at the Tiny Bates Award Banquet for being the best Cal football player from Sacramento for the 2010 season. California Golden Bears head coach Jeff Tedford also addressed...

Golden Nuggets: Cal Eager to Get Back on the Field After Another Heartbreaking Loss in Tucson


Cal players and coaches react to the heartbreaking 10-9 loss at Arizona. Two questions remains: will the defense continue to play like this? And will the offense be able to take advantage of the...

CGB All-Decade Series: Greatest Cal Wide Receivers of the 2000s


Among Desean Jackson, Chase Lyman, Robert Jordan, Lavelle Hawkins, Geoff McArthur, who was the best Cal wide receiver of the past decade?

Hall of Fame Round of 64: Brick Muller Bracket, Part III


Geoff Macarthur or Shareef Abdur-Rahim? Jack Clark or Lavelle Hawkins? Vote for your favorite California Golden Bears to get them one step closer to the 2009 CGB Hall of Fame!

Slightly Off-Topic: Arena Football


It's summer.  Summer is long and there is little sports news to report.  Thus, we here at the CGB are having a hard time filling content this summer.  Even though we're from an elite academic...

Armed Forces Bowl Review: Part VII: High-Low Read


In this seventh installment of approximately a 12 play analysis, we're going to look at a a short pass to Desean Jackson (THA1), in which the the offense defeats a cover 2 defense with a high-low...

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