Brigham Harwell

UCLA Bruins #93 - Defensive Tackle

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 290

Upgrade or Downgrade? Defensive Tackle

Bumped. As mentioned below, captainqtp has also gone over the positions of SS and CB to keep the football discussions going here on BN. Keep them coming captain. GO BRUINS. - NIn 2008, we had one...

Coaching Carousel Roundup & Notes


Let’s delve into the favorite college football parlor game of the off-season: the coaching carousel. I am sure many are keeping an eye on Walker/SDSU storyline next few days. Walker is gunning for...

The Last Game: "Let It All Fly"


So the big tripleheader week is off to a pretty tough start. Bruins lost a frustrating game against Texas Longhorns Thursday night (a game in which they showed a lot of heart and grit but still...

Spaulding Roundup: Craft's Courage & Other "Beat SC" Week Notes


We will start this Humpday edition of Spaulding Roundup with a note on Kevin Craft. His coaches and his team-mates are rallying behind him: If people watch the games, they would realize he...

Spaulding Roundup: Game Notes & Pom Pom's Humanitarian (Jersey) Gesture


We will start our Tuesday roundup focusing on the positive. Kevin Pearson from the Press Enterprise has a report on Bruin Defense, which has been rolling in its last two games: "Right now we're...

Spaulding Roundup: Searching For (A Nonexistent) Drama


Looks like Brian Dohn the traditional media in LA is acting up again looking for a story when a story really doesn’t exist. Most of us have gotten tired and bored with camera shots following a...

Walker's "The Cage": holds Quizz almost exactly to his career average


UCLA's DeWayne Walker builds a metaphorical cage

Spaulding Roundup: More Than Effort


With four games into this season CRN is trying to turn up the intensity in terms of total preparation from his team. CRN is looking for more than effort from his players: UCLA coach Rick...

Questions Swirling Around Bruins


So lot of BYU fans are feeling pretty confident about their games against us on Saturday. They are coming off an emotional win at a tough Pac-10 venue and are now fired up to get over their main...

Spaulding Roundup: First CFB Saturday Of 08


We have less than 60 hours to go. I am assuming there will be many of us here who will be taking in the first full Saturday of college football action to get ready for our Big Monday. So we will...

Spaulding Roundup: It's Game Week


After long last, it’s game week. We have waited for this week to start since December 30, 2008.  Interestingly our last full fledged game week for 07-08 here on BN involved a basketball team from T...


Game On: Day 3 Fall Practice Pictures

It was another beautiful day at Spaulding Field. Once again, I was able to duck out to spend a half hour or so watching our boys gear up for the Vols. For most of my time, the Bruins were...

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