North Dakota vs. Nebraska-Omaha draws NBC Sports Network college hockey high


One of the college game's flagship programs brought viewers to NBCSN on Feb. 8

We don't receive a lot of college hockey ratings numbers here, but it's good to see that the most recent one that came in was very positive for the sport.

The University of North Dakota took on Nebraska-Omaha on Friday, Feb. 8 and drew 146,000 viewers, the most on record for a college hockey game on the NBC Sports Network. North Dakota is one of the more popular programs in the nation with many well-known NHL alumni, so they pack what amounts to a punch when it comes to college hockey ratings.

Worth noting, for context: the lowest-rated NHL game of the 2013 season aired just three days later, with the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche drawing just 176,000 viewers.

What follows is all of the college hockey ratings figures we have received for this season on NBC Sports Network.

Nov. 30, Boston College vs. Boston University - 87,000 viewers

Nov. 30, Wisconsin vs. Denver - 74,000 viewers

Dec. 1, Boston University vs. Boston College - 53,000 viewers

Dec. 5, Vermont vs. Dartmouth - 45,000 viewers

Dec. 7, Michigan State vs. Notre Dame - 98,000 viewers

Jan. 4, Colorado College vs. Nebraska-Omaha - 30,000 viewers

Jan. 9, Harvard vs. Boston College - 86,000 viewers

Jan. 11, Union vs. Princeton - 66,000 viewers

Jan. 11, Nebraska-Omaha vs. Denver - 38,000 viewers

Jan. 17, Providence vs. UMass-Lowell - 53,000 viewers

Jan. 18, Harvard vs. Yale - 63,000 viewers

Jan. 25, Yale vs. Cornell - 45,000 viewers

Feb. 1, Dartmouth vs. Union - 41,000 viewers

Feb. 8, North Dakota vs. Nebraska-Omaha - 146,000 viewers

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