Euro 2012

Full coverage of Euro 2012.

Euro 2012's Unheralded Stars

A who's who of the biggest stars would be boring. Here're the best players of Euro 2012 who don't ply their trade in a top league.

The All-Stars Of Euro 2012

Who were the best of the best at Euro 2012?

Spain: Utterly Amazing; Nothing Much To Say

Spain are good. Spain are really good. Spain are so good that they may have broken something important.

The Passgoal And The 'Punch': Two Moments Which Define Spain 2012

Spain are brilliant but not lovable (but Iker Casillas is a great man).

Euro 2012 Power Rankings: Spain Reign Supreme, Duh

31 matches in three weeks told us one thing -- Spain are really good. It also told us a bunch of other things about 15 other teams too so for one last time, let's rank the Euro 2012 teams.

Balotellification: How Mario Balotelli (Might) Save Football

Mario Balotelli is on a mission: to simplify football. Tonight, he faces his biggest challenge.

Spain Vs. Italy Outcome Has Different Meaning For The Two Managers

Vicente del Bosque and Cesare Prandelli may both be managing for the same trophy, but they have vastly different stakes in the Euro 2012 final.

Italy's No-Winger, Minimal Width Formation Actually A Massive Step Forward

Italy stopped playing with wingers mid-way through Euro 2012 qualifying, and it was the smartest move that Cesare Prandell has made as Italy manager.

Can We Shut Up About David Villa, Please?

The reason Spain are boring is not because David Villa is injured. Stop being silly.

Can Italy Take A Page From Portugal's Book Against Spain?

Forget destroyers, passers and runners - Portugal have taught us that beating Spain needs midfield <em>annoyers</em>. Can Italy follow their lead?

Spain Vs. Italy, Euro 2012 Final: TV Schedule, Game Time, Streaming And Live Updates

Spain and Italy, the last two winners of the World Cup fight for European supremacy in the Euro 2012 Final in Kiev on Sunday evening.

Fernando Llorente: The Lion King

Fernando Llorente can't get off the bench for reasons nobody can explain as the Spanish saga plays out like the Disney classic "The Lion King".

Italy Are Overrated

Played five. Won two. Drawn three. The mark of a great team? Hardly. Italy have made the Euro 2012 final, but it's far from clear that they've regained their status as footballing giants.

Spain Have A Xabi Alonso Problem

Spain have too many world-class midfielders, and they're accommodating the wrong ones.

Riccardo Montolivo: Finding His Place In Italy's Squad

Riccardo Montolivo has been a divisive figure in the Italy squad over the past two years. In Euro 2012, it seems the playmaker is finally fulfilling his potential.

Spain Vs. Italy, 2012 European Championships: Rematch Repeat Will Suit Azzurri

Don't expect a vastly different match from the first encounter between Spain and Italy when they contest the Euro 2012 Final on Sunday.

Spain’s Forward Conundrum: Why Playing Alvaro Negredo Makes More Sense Than You Think

Álvaro Negredo might not seem like a logical fit for the Spanish national team, but his inclusion in the team could speak volumes to Vicente Del Bosque's thoughts about his team's strength.

The Ups And Downs Of Mats Hummels

Mats Hummels is Germany's best defender, but until he cuts out his habit of turning off in the middle of games, they'll never really be able to trust him in big matches.

Spain Vs. Italy, Euro 2012 Final: Repeat Of Tactics From Group Stage Meeting Possible

Spain and Italy have already played each other, with the azzurri having the better of the play. He may not want to, but Vicente Del Bosque has to consider changes to counter Italy's tactics.

Mario Balotelli Disarms His Haters, Repays Prandelli's Faith

Why always him? Because he's interesting, both for his antics and his play. On Thursday, Mario Balotelli appeared to acknowledge his critics, while simultaneously dismissing them with a spectacular...

Germany Relied On An Injured Bastian Schweinsteiger And Paid The Price

Germany's best player spent the entirety of Euro 2012 playing on an ankle injury. Should it be a surprise, then, that they fell at the first serious hurdle?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Bento, And The Optimal Penalty Shootout Order

Having Cristiano Ronaldo waiting for the tenth and final kick didn't work out for Portugal against Spain, but how can we tell whether or not it was the right call to make?

Cry Not For Portugal: Euro 2012 Another Success For The Little Country That Could

Portugal didn't fall short again. Really, they somehow managed to do the improbable, something they have made a habit of doing for more than a decade now.

Germany Vs. Italy, Euro 2012 Semifinals: Width And Speed Against Andrea Pirlo

Italy have the most in-form midfielder at Euro 2012, but will suspensions and injuries be the azzurri's undoing against a quick, young and rested Germany side?

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