Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Woodhead, Ivory Could Fill Bye-Week Holes On Your Roster

With the Lions, Texans, Colts and Jets on a bye this week, a few key waiver wire pickups can help your team stay afloat.

A number of fantasy football stars will hit your bench this week as the Lions, Texans, Colts and Jets are all on a bye. So here are a list of recommended replacements to get -- or keep -- your fantasy football team in the winners circle.

Off: Peyton Manning, Colts

Waiver Pickup: Matt CasselChiefs

Fantasy's top performer will hit the bench this week as Manning and the Colts are on a bye. Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel is an ideal pickup as the Chiefs are at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Cassel should put up nice fantasy numbers against the Jags defense who ranks 28th in passing.

Off: Ladanian Tomlinson, Jets

Waiver Pickup: Christopher Ivory, Saints

With Tomlinson sitting, many teams will lose a top running back. An ideal player to fill that void would be Saints running back Christopher Ivory. Ivory's carries have been increasing since he made his NFL debut in Week 3. Last week, Ivory went off in the Saints' rout of the Buccaneers, taking 15 carries for an eye-dropping 158 yards. Favor Ivory's matchup this weekend against a Browns run defense who ranks 23rd in the league, allowing 4.0 yards a carry.

Off: Andre Johnson, Texans

Waiver Pickup: Danny Woodhead, Patriots

Listed as both a WR and a RB, Danny Woodhead can fill the gap on either position. The Patriots do-it-all pickup has the ability to get into the end zone on any play and give any fantasy owner an edge.

Off: Calvin Johnson, Lions

Waiver Pickup: Jabar Gaffney, Broncos

With Kyle Orton putting up excellent fantasy numbers this season, Broncos receiver Jabar Gaffney has the potential for a big day against a Raiders defense that has allowed 25.1 points per game this season.

Off: Matt Shaub, Texans

Waiver Pickup: Matt Hasselback, Seahawks

With Shaub not playing this week, fantasy owners should turn to Hasselbeck as a viable replacement. Hasselbeck faces off against the Arizona Cardinals, whose D ranks 26th in passing and 28th in total yards. Advantage Hasselbeck.

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