Fantasy Football News Roundup, Week 8: Does Jon Kitna Have Value?

Checking in on the fantasy news of the day for Week 8

-- Let's start with Tony Romo, a broken clavicle, Jon Kitna, and the state of the horribly disappointing Dallas Cowboys. Romo's going to be out for an extended period, perhaps the season since the 2010 Cowboys are already on track to miss the playoffs. Despite the Cowboys 1-5 record, Romo has been a reliable fantasy QB, if you can handle the interceptions. Now, all eyes turn to Jon Kitna. SB Nation's Joel Thorman had an interesting thought on Kitna, and who on the Cowboys could benefit.

[Kitna] went over 4,000 yards as a starter in Detroit in 2006 and 2007.

Oh, and his No. 1 receiver during those two years? The same Roy Williams that's currently on the Cowboys.

In fact, Williams has his top two seasons (by yards) of his career playing with Kitna. We don't necessarily expect that to happen but early on Williams could be a favorite target based on familiarity.

That could be a factor. Also of note, though, is that down the stretch of the Giants game, Dez Bryant was Kitna's money guy. They connected for two touchdowns. Kitna could put up good fantasy numbers, the Cowboys offense has a ton of talent at the skill positions. But, don't forget the potential downside. Kitna is not near as mobile as Romo, and the Cowboys line has been having issues recently. Sacks and turnovers could derail Kitna's efforts. For Jason Witten owners, there might be a bright side, the Cowboys could use more 3- and 5-step drops with quick releases. Witten could benefit from that.

-- Over in San Francisco, there's been a change at quarterback. Regular Alex Smith has a separated shoulder, so the 49ers are turning to Troy Smith. It's a total guess how Smith will play, he was only signed late in the offseason and he hasn't played a lot in his time in the NFL. But, you would have to downgrade the 49ers offense for one week, at least until we see what Smith has on the field. Take caution.

-- Don't look now, but the hot offensive topic in the NFL right now is the emergence of the Buffalo Bills passing game. You read that right, we're talking the Bills offense. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went off on the Ravens defense, cementing his status as fantasy viable. He's been on a roll the last few weeks, and that's benefiting another Bill, WR Steve Johnson. Those two have been a good combo, and last week Lee Evans (remember him?) got into the act with three touchdowns in a game. If you have holes at quarterback or wide receiver, see if a Bill is available in your league.

Short shots:

-- The Colts are being decimated by injury on both sides of the ball. Dallas Clark is gone, and Austin Collie will likely miss a month.

-- For those who held on to Matthew Stafford, yes I'm talking to all six of you, it looks like he'll return after a bye week.

-- Buffalo's passing attack is hot, but how is their run game doing now that Marshawn Lynch is gone? They're running the ball more, both Fred Jackson and C.J Spiller are seeing more action.

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