Andre Johnson, Cortland Finnegan Fined $25,000 After Fight

Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan were both ejected after getting into a fight during the Texans and Titans. Each player will be fined $25,000 for the incident.

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Andre Johnson Fight With Cortland Finnegan Results In $25,000 Fine

The Houston Texans were informed on Monday that WR Andre Johnson would not be suspended for his role in a fight with Tennessee Titans CB Cortland Finnegan on Sunday. However, that doesn't mean that both players have entirely escaped punishment.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that both Johnson and Finnegan have been fined $25,000 for the brawl.

Finnegan appeared to start the fight as he jumped at Johnson on the snap of the ball. Johnson responded by ripping Finnegan's helmet off seconds before he got his own helmet pulled off. Johnson appeared to get a punch (or two) in on Finnegan's helmet-less head.

Finnegan has been fined repeatedly this season and has the reputation as a dirty player in the league. Johnson does not have that reputation but, if Finnegan isn't being suspended, they'll receive the same punishment.

Both teams are still in the playoff race so losing either player would hurt their chances of staying in the race. There were many that speculated a suspension would be coming so this can be considered good news for the Texans and Titans.


Andre Johnson Will Not Be Suspended For Fight With Cortland Finnegan, According To Report

The Houston Texans received some good news on Monday. FOX 26 in Houston reports WR Andre Johnson will not be suspended for his role in a fight with Tennessee Titans CB Cortland Finnegan on Sunday. The report states Johnson will be fined but the news of no suspension is what will have the Texans happy.

Sitting at 5-6 and one game out of the AFC South lead, the Texans couldn't afford to lose their best offensive player for any stretch of time.

It's not yet known if Finnegan will be disciplined for his role in the fight. According to an earlier FOX 26 report, Finnegan said "watch this" to the Texans sideline before starting the fight with Johnson. The Titans CB has the reputation of a dirty player in the league and has been fined repeatedly.

Johnson's reputation is much different and he quickly apologized after the game. However, last year he was fined $7,500 for taking Finnegan to the ground by the facemask in a scuffle.

The league will likely soon announce the punishment for Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan.


Andre Johnson Fight Was Reportedly Planned By Cortland Finnegan

In the aftermath of the fight between Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson and Tennessee Titans CB Cortland Finnegan, most people are pointing to Finnegan -- largely considered one of the NFL's dirtiest players -- as the instigator. Video of the fight suggests that's the case and now FOX 26 says it was planned.

The Houston FOX affiliate cites multiple sources in reporting that seconds before the fight -- which was apparently started when Finnegan immediately pressed Johnson at the line of scrimmage -- Finnegan looked to the Texans sideline and said "watch this".

That would indicate that the fight was planned by Finnegan and, if true, likely doesn't bode well for him as he tries to avoid a suspension. Finnegan's fine history, plus these new details, may pave the way for him to be suspended for the incident instead of just fined.

Following the game, Johnson apologized and the Texans owner, Bob McNair, said he didn't think he should be fined for the incident.

"I don't know why there would be [a fine]," McNair said. "The DB was all over him and he's (Finnegan) the one that initiated it, and he'd been dojng it the play before and the whole game. He just went a little too far and Andre was the one on camera when the action heated up. That's not Andre."

The league office will be reviewing the facts and issuing discipline this week. The Texans play the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football this week.


VIDEO: Andre Johnson Fights Cortland Finnegan; Both Ejected From Texans, Titans Game

Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson and Tennessee Titans CB Cortland Finnegan were in an intense fight on Sunday that resulted in both players being ejected from the game.

In the video, you can see Finnegan jump off the line and hit Johnson who responds by ripping Finnegan's helmet off. Finnegan is able also get Johnson's helmet off but it's Johnson who gets the only clean punches thrown. The referees broke up the fight and both players were ejected.

After the game, Johnson apologized to his teammates for causing a distraction. Finnegan left without speaking to reporters.

It's possible both players face a fine and/or a suspension for their actions. It's not very often that you see a fight in the NFL where the helmets come off and it's like an old-fashioned street brawl.


Andre Johnson Fights Cortland Finnegan And Texans Give Him Game Ball

Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson and CB Cortland Finnegan will likely be facing fines and/or suspensions for their role in a fight yesterday that resulted in both men being ejected. What made this fight more intense than your usual football right is that both helmets came off and Johnson appeared to connect with Finnegan, who also appeared to be taunting the crowd afterward.

Following the game, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak handed out game balls to his team, who was gathered around him. He leads by giving Johnson a game ball -- and notes he "didn't finish the game" to the laughter of some in the room -- and Johnson takes the game ball and apologizes for his role in the fight. He says he let the emotions of the moment get the better of him, he'll take his discipline and they'll have to move on.

Texans offensive lineman Eric Winston says he's known Johnson a long time and he's never instigated anything like this. On the other hand, Finnegan is widely considered among the dirtiest players in the NFL.

"Everybody has a breaking point," Winston said. "I’ve known Andre a long time, and he’s never instigated anything. I know he didn’t instigate this, either."

Finnegan left without speaking to reports.

The Texans won the game but ultimately they may lose if Johnson has to miss any games. They're right in the thick of the playoff race in the AFC South and losing their best receiver -- and arguably the best receiver in the NFL -- may be a blow from which they can't recover.


Andre Johnson Fight: Johnson Fights With Cortland Finnegan, Both Ejected

UPDATE: Here is video of the Andre Johnson fight. 

The Houston Texans star wide receiver Andre Johnson was ejected during the fourth quarter versus the Tennessee Titans for fighting with defensive back Cortland Finnegan. Johnson appeared to take offense to some trash talking that Finnegan was doing and the situation was exacerbated when Texans quarterback Matt Schaub called 'hike' and Johnson found Finnegan's hands in his face for as part of Finnegan's press.

Almost immediately Johnson responded by ripping off Finnegan's helmet and tossing it. Soon there after Johnson shoved Finnegan to the ground and they tussled. Johnson had his helmet ripped off by Finnegan but ended up getting the last blow in - literally. Though Finnegan did not do more than talk at Johnson or rip off his helmet, Johnson became enraged at Finnegan enough to throw a few punches, including a haymaker to the back of Finnegan's head.

Finnegan and Johnson were both ejected, but that didn't keep Finnegan from jawing at Johnson as the two went their separate ways off of the field.

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