Fantasy Football Week 10 Waiver Wire: Earl Bennett, Carson Palmer Recommended

Week 10 of the fantasy football season comes with no bye teams, the start of Thursday night games, and as always, a visit to the waiver wire.

Week 10 of fantasy football is here, and it comes with a couple of unique changes. After weeks of of dealing with teams on a bye, the NFL features a full-slate of games, all 32 teams will be in action. This is a one-week reprieve as the last of the byes come off the schedule in Week 11. Also starting this week, we get Thursday night games for the rest of the year. Make a note of it and don't forget to set your roster by Thursday evening.

Speaking of setting your roster, how does the waiver wire look this week? Without bye teams, you're reaching out to the waiver wire for two reasons; either you have an injured player, or your players are letting you down and you need some help. For more insight into the waiver wire, we bring you some advice from SB Nation's fantasy blog, Fake Teams. They posted a ranking of the top 200 players for the rest of the season; check that out if you want a guide in ranking players you might add or drop. They also have some waiver wire scoops, a taste of them below.

QB - Carson Palmer. The Raiders run defense is terrible and that could cause them to play from behind and abandon the running game on offense. Fake Teams comments on that:

I mention this deficiency because it's going to be tough for the Raiders to stay in games and maintain a run-first mentality when they're trailing in the second half. Therefore, Carson Palmer might have a lot on his plate and could be leaned on more than originally thought... In summation, Carson should have some very nice upside thanks largely due to the deep threats and favorable schedule.

Bottom Line: Carson should be owned in most 10-team leagues as a solid backup with upside.

RB - Chris Ogbonnaya. He turned out to be a dud on Sunday, but this week he has a better matchup. Fake Teams says:

Pat Shurmur announced that both Montario Hardesty and Peyton Hillis have been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Rams. The Rams have the 32nd-ranked run D at a robust 153.6 YPG... The Browns really don't have much else to go with at tailback and Ogbonnaya will be a decent flex in my Running Back Rankings on Wednesday. Although he had some happy feet and lacked vision in the loss as well.

Bottom Line:
Ogbonnaya should be owned in all leagues.

WR - Earl Bennett. Coming off injury, Bennett was a favorite target of Jay Cutler on Monday night. The take by Fake Teams:

Bennett pretty much proved he has the best hands of any receiver on the team. He and Cutler were teammates at Vanderbilt and were on the same page all night. In fact, Cutler gave him a shoutout on his Twitter account. There's a whole like to like here and you can make a case for Bennett to be the top claim this week.

Bottom Line: Nobody has been able to seize the WR1 spot on Chicago and maybe its Bennett's turn. He's a flyer in most 12-team leagues.

For all the waiver wire advice, visit Fake Teams.

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