Fantasy Football Week 4 Wide Receiver Projections: Calvin Johnson Is A TD Machine

We're coming up on a quarter of the games played for the 2011 season. Who has established themselves as the fantasy leaders? We check the Week 4 projections.

The wide receivers are the wild cards. You never know what's going to happen with them week to week. It sure would be nice to own Wes Welker or Calvin Johnson right about now. They've been tearing it up in 2011.

Our partner,, has run the statistics for this week and come up with their projections of fantasy points. Their list updates through the week as we get more information about injuries and players who might be seeing more opportunity. So check in with them later in the week. As of right now, the computers says:

Roddy White is the top dog, edging out Calvin Johnson, with Wes Welker and Greg Jennings not far behind. Of course, you were going to play those guys anyway, but what about some of the mid-tier guys?

Lance Moore has been the recipient of targets in the absence of Marques Colston, but Colston is slated to return this week, so be careful there. Jeremy Maclin is now moving into prime receiver territory and is edging out DeSean Jackson for the projections lead among Philly receivers.

* Fantasy Points Projections are based on the Yahoo! and ESPN default scoring settings. Quarterbacks are scored with 1 point for every 25 passing yards, and 4 points for every touchdown. For running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends, they are scored with 1 point for every 10 total yards, and 6 points for every touchdown. This is a non-PPR projection.

Injured players appear on the list, this is their projection IF they play.

Top Wide Receivers powered by
Rank Player Opponent Points
1 Roddy White (WR, ATL) vs. SEA 14.83
2 Calvin Johnson (WR, DET) vs. DAL 14.24
3 Wes Welker (WR, NE) vs. OAK 12.90
4 Greg Jennings (WR, GB) vs. DEN 12.88
5 Vincent Jackson (WR, SD) vs. MIA 11.06
6 Hakeem Nicks (WR, NYG) vs. ARI 11.01
7 Mike Wallace (WR, PIT) vs. HOU 10.90
8 Larry Fitzgerald (WR, ARI) vs. NYG 10.72
9 Brandon Lloyd (WR, DEN) vs. GB 10.71
10 Reggie Wayne (WR, IND) vs. TB 10.51
11 Miles Austin (WR, DAL) (OUT)
vs. DET 9.87
12 Andre Johnson (WR, HOU) vs. PIT 9.86
13 Brandon Marshall (WR, MIA) vs. SD 9.84
14 Mario Manningham (WR, NYG) vs. ARI 9.69
15 Dwayne Bowe (WR, KC) vs. MIN 9.57
16 Jeremy Maclin (WR, PHI) vs. SF 9.31
17 A.J. Green (WR, CIN) vs. BUF 8.79
18 Santana Moss (WR, WAS) vs. STL 8.61
19 Mike Thomas (WR, JAX) vs. NO 8.50
20 Mike Williams (TB) (WR, TB) vs. IND 8.38
21 Lance Moore (WR, NO) vs. JAX 8.37
22 Steve Johnson (WR, BUF) vs. CIN 8.13
23 Santonio Holmes (WR, NYJ) vs. BAL 8.10
24 Mike Williams (SEA) (WR, SEA) vs. ATL 7.79
25 DeSean Jackson (WR, PHI) vs. SF 7.72
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