Fantasy football rankings 2012: RB projections for Week 6

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We provide Week 6 NFL fantasy football projections for running backs courtesy of

We're back for Week 6 of the 2012 NFL season. Thursday Night Football got things going with the Titans knocking off the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chris Johnson bounced back from another poor outing by rushing 19 times for 91 yards. The Steelers rushing game is all over the place with Rashard Mendenhall suffering an Achilles injury. The Steelers could get nothing going on the ground.

We have been providing you with rankings all week long, but as Sunday dawns, it would be helpful to have some projections as well. Our Week 6 running back rankings are based on our pool of knowledge and often a bit of gut instinct. To improve your chances this year, we are going to provide Sunday projections courtesy of the folks at numberFire. numberFire uses a series of mathematical models to break down the action and figure out who exactly is performing well.They use the power of predictive and regressive modeling to more accurately project future performance.

There aren't a lot of big differences between numberFore and SB Nation Fantasy. The folks at numberFire are a bit lower on Alfred Morris, but even that is not a huge difference. Here are the top ten RB projections from numberFire, based on standard scoring systems:

1. Ray Rice - 17.63
2. Arian Foster - 16.92
3. Lesean McCoy - 16.36
4. Jamaal Charles - 16.09
5. Marshawn Lynch - 14.80
6. Adrian Peterson - 14.20
7. Frank Gore - 14.10
8. Reggie Bush - 13.42
9. Willis McGahee - 13.14
10. Chris Johnson - 12.99

numberFire claims a higher predictive rate than the major companies (ESPN, CBS, Yahoo!). However, as with anything in fantasy football, we at SB Nation Fantasy view numberFire as just one more weapon in your arsenal to claim victory. The numbers can help over the long term, but there are enough variables week-to-week that multiple sources can provide great value.

For more fantasy football news, rankings and analysis, check out SB Nation Fantasy! Our live chat Fantasy War Room is available Monday through Friday 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET and Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Check out SB Nation's Football Game, Pick 6!

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