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Fantasy Football: Trent Richardson is a late active, then leads backs in Week 8 impact report

Matt Sullivan

The young runners lead the way in a relatively healthy week for backs. Here are the biggest running back impacts of Week 8.

Harkening back to the good old days where rookies rule the fantasy backfield, a pair of 2012 1st rounders led the backs in Week 8. Here are the good, bad, and injured from Sunday:

The Good

Trent Richardson against the Chargers (I THOUGHT YOUR RIBS HURT!)

"Your ribs hurt. Your coach benched you last week because you weren't running well. You're questionable. You're facing a defense ranked 4th in the NFL in yards per carry against. You're a Cleveland Brown. You're going to abandon the run early."

This has been this week's edition of what I said to Trent Richardson before I benched him.

Instead, T-Rich had 122 yards and a touchdown in the Browns 7-6 upset win over the Chargers on Sunday. I'll definitely start him against the Ravens next week and he'll definitely gain 18 yards.

Doug Martin against the Vikings (OH, THAT OTHER ROOKIE)

The highest-scoring back of the week was that other rookie guy. Doug Wilson? David Martin? Alfred Morris? No, it's Doug Martin of Tampa Bay. Martin had 214 total yards and two touchdowns against the Vikings, putting him well on pace for over 1,000 yards in his first season.

Is LeGarrette Blount still a Buc? Nobody knows.

Stevan Ridley against the Rams (STILL GOOD ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POND)

It's not really a "pond" you guys, it's an ocean! Big diff! Geez...

With 127 yards and a touchdown against the Rams, Ridley has over 700 yards rushing halfway through the season. The other backs might vulture a score here and there, Ridley could end up being the most productive back that the Pats have had since Corey Dillon. Yes, I said "Pats," "Productive, and "Back."

Now that's worth a productive pat on the back. Ridley and the rest get a week off in Week 9.

LeSean McCoy against the Falcons (TWO SCORE AND SEVEN YARDS AGO)

Shady McCoy may have only run for 45 yards and caught for 22 more, but with a score on the ground and one in the air, he's one of the highest-scoring backs of Week 8. The Eagles still walked away from the Falcons game with a loss and a few people concerned about their jobs, but McCoy isn't one of them.

The Saints should provide ample opportunities for more scores next week.

Honorable Mentions: Marshawn Lynch (105 yards, 1 TD), Willis McGahee (155 total yards, 1 TD, 1 fumble lost), Darren McFadden (107 yards... finally)

The Bad

Jamaal Charles against the Raiders (UMMM.... WHAT? WHY, ROMEO CRENNEL?)

Why did you only give Charles five carries, resulting in 10 total yards?! He doesn't know why either, apparently. Maybe they really did use up all of their Jamaal Charles carries and touches earlier in the year, and he's gone from an over-used back to a non-existent one.

Besides, who would want to exist in Kansas City right now?

I don't expect this to be a continuing trend for the Chiefs, but who knows what the next coach will want to do with Charles. And that guy could be making the calls as soon as I finish writing this sentence, whoever he is.

Reggie Bush against the Jets (THE JETS ARE BAD)

I know that this is about how Bush struggled (65 total yards, 1 fumble lost) but can someone please explain how the Jets lost 30-9? They stopped Bush, they knocked out Ryan Tannehill early, they held Brian Hartline to 41 yards and he led the Dolphins in receiving.

The Jets lost 30-9.

Bush should have a good matchup against the Colts next week. Whoever the Jets play should have a good matchup next week.


Even while scoring a touchdown Jones manages to have a terrible game. With a lazy fumble against New York and only 19 yards rushing, Jones was a low-scoring back in Week 8. If DeMarco Murray misses another game, Felix should lose carries to Philip Tanner. Like... all of them.

Alfred Morris against the Steelers (SHANAHAN RED ALERT!)

Oh no, Morris had only 59 yards on 13 carries. Mike Shanahan is on RED ALERT! Of course, Morris only had 13 carries and is third in the NFL in rushing still, but you never know when Shanny is going to give 30 carries to some back he signs on Tuesday.

Otherwise, Morris should be fine against the Panthers next week.

Honorable Mentions: Steven Jackson (45 total yards), Mikel Leshoure (55 total yards), Ahmad Bradshaw (78 yards, 1 fumble lost)

The Injured

A relatively healthy week for backs, Joe McKnight left with an ankle injury. He might have made the difference in that 30-9 loss.

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