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Dwayne Bowe's career in Kansas City possibly comes to end and other Week 14 WR news

Jason Miller

A couple of hurt ribs could be the final touch on a tough season for Bowe and the Chiefs. A breakdown of all the news for receivers on Sunday.

Finally Dwayne Bowe was off to a great start. With 70 yards in the first quarter, he was a good bet to top 80 yards for the first time since Week 4 in a season marred by bad quarterback play, crushing losses, and off-field tragedy for Kansas City. But it appears that a couple of injured ribs could put an end to his season with three games left and the Chiefs at 2-11.

Perhaps it is time for Bowe to move on anyway.

Bowe has 801 yards in thirteen games, a bit off of his pace in recent seasons and he is likely going nowhere with either Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel at quarterback. In a better offense, Bowe could go back to seasons of 80 catches and 1,100 yards as a top red zone target, but the Chiefs have some rebuilding to do. Likely without the impending free agent. Another franchise tag could prove too costly.

It was not a good day for Bowe, but there were some players that did have good days. And also more of the bad. It's all right here:

The Good

Brandon Marshall against the Vikings (I ACTUALLY CAN'T MAKE THESE QB'S LOOK GOOD)

Jay Cutler was having an awful day on the field and then was replaced by Jason Campbell, who actually wasn't that awful but is still Jason Campbell. Still, Marshall was able to finish with 160 yards and a touchdown.

With 1,342 yards on the season, Marshall has a new career-high. With 10 catches putting him at 101 on the year, he's likely to have a career-high there too. Marshall is having a great first season in Chicago, even if he can't do much to help turn Cutler into a solid fantasy QB.

That just appears to be impossible.

Kenny Britt against the Colts (FI-NA-LLY!)

If you think that Britt has missed nine games with injury, he hasn't. Instead his low level of production is just a low-level of production with Britt putting up only 377 yards in ten games and a season-high of only 67 yards for a single game. Until now.

Kenny Britt had 143 yards against the Colts, putting him all the way up to 520 on the year. That seems more appropriate for one of the top players in the game after two weeks in 2011 before getting hurt and possibly there are still bright days ahead for Britt.

The Titans get the Jets and Packers for the next two games. If you have an opportunity to play Britt in replacement of Bowe, it might be your best bet.

Vincent Jackson against the Eagles (CAREER-HIGH COMIN' UP)

Like Marshall, Jackson has enjoyed his new digs quite a bit. V-Jax added 131 yards and a touchdown on Sunday against the Eagles, putting him at 1,145 yards on the year. His 21.8 YPC on Sunday also brings up his league-leading total in that category as well.

The Bucs play the Saints next week. If that doesn't single-handedly take you to your fantasy championship, nothing will.

Honorable Mentions: Mike Wallace (111 yards, 2 TD), Jason Avant (133 yards), Victor Cruz (121 yards, 1 TD), Calvin Johnson (118 yards)

Megatron is at 1,546 yards on the season. Only a little more than 100 yards per game will get him the single-season record over Jerry Rice.

The Bad

A.J. Green against the Cowboys (NOT EVERY GAME CAN BE A WINNER)

And not every fantasy team can be a winner either. There's a chance that Green's 44 yard, 0 TD Sunday knocked you out of the playoffs. Now you know how the Bengals must feel after blowing a 9-point lead over Dallas.

It was the lowest fantasy output of the season for Green and he hasn't scored in any of the last three games. Normally that wouldn't be something to point out, but Green was a scoring machine (you know what I mean?) for most of the season. If you've made it to next week with Green, the Eagles defense could provide another scoring opportunity and he might take V-Jax spot on the above list.

Larry Fitzgerald against the Seahawks (FREE THIS BIRD)

What a tough season for Fitz. What a tough season for the Cardinals. No, what a tough season for the fans! The Cards were somehow 4-0 this year and they just lost their ninth-straight game, a 58-0 loss to the Seahawks. Larry Fitzgerald was left useless in the game, not only by Richard Sherman but by his own quarterbacks.

A familiar theme.

Fitzgerald was targeted 11 times and caught 1 pass for 2 yards. He has 67 yards in his last four games combined. I don't know how many Fitzgerald owners actually made the playoffs this year and so does it even matter? This is the worst season of his career and he was a top pick in many leagues.

Please Arizona, trade him. For anything. If you love him, let him go. Why did you pay for a great engine and then let it sit in the garage for months without a car to put it in?

Marques Colston against the Giants (THE PLAYOFFS SAINT HAPPENIN')

And your playoffs might have ended with a start of Colston on Sunday with just 61 yards and a fumble against New York. Colston has not topped 80 yards since Week 5 when he had 131 yards and 3 TDs. He's had just four touchdowns in his last eight games but without many yards.

The fumble just adds to the issue.

Honorable Mentions: Greg Jennings, Miles Austin, Sidney Rice

The Injured

The injuries to Robert Griffin III and Jay Cutler could have affects on Pierre Garcon and Marshall.

Brandon Pettigrew left with an ankle injury.

Jared Cook left with a shoulder injury.

Brent Celek suffered a concussion.

Stephen Hill left with a knee injury.

Did I mention Dwayne Bowe?

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