Fantasy War Room Recap - Keepers, Sleepers and Leagues That Go Deeper

Day 2 of the SBNation Fantasy War Room is in the books. Check out what our experts had to say on everything from Maurice Jones-Drew's holdout to keeper advice and sleepers at every level of the draft board.

The Fantasy War Room wrapped up a busy Day 2, covering a lot of ground for your fantasy drafts. One of the most common questions centered on what to do in picks 4-6, when the "Big Three" running backs are off the board. We also touched on rookies at all positions, guys we liked down the tight end draft board (*cough Kyle Rudolph cough*) and players with second- or third-round ADPs that could play like first-rounders.The topic of Maurice Jones-Drew’s holdout also came up quite a bit, as we explored angles from MJD’s trade request to the current value of backup Rashad Jennings.

The ever-popular topic of sleepers came up as it did during Day 1. We had suggestions on everything from mid-round steals to climb-into-the-bathysphere ideas for super-deep leagues. Our fantasy football nation is nothing if not diverse, so we also answered questions about unique scoring systems, two-QB tactics and a whole range of scenarios and tricky decisions on keepers. If your league does something offbeat, check out the chat log and see if we addressed it – if not, stop by Wednesday evening and fire away with any questions!

Kicker Comment Of The Day

While Rich Eisen will make sure we all know that special teamers are people, too, for the purposes of fantasy football, kickers are almost always going at the end of the draft. A Sebastian Janikowski or Stephen Gostkowski will go a little bit earlier, but a vast majority of kickers fill in the last pick of a team's draft.

That's what makes it easy to award the most creative comment of the chat to the outside-the-box thinking of 3k:

I'm a big proponent of thinking outside the box

Like way outside the box. The box and I are in different zip codes.

What do you think about drafting a kicker in each of the first four rounds? I see eight distinct advantages to this strategy which I cal "Kicking Butt: A Fantasy Football Strategy Involving Drafting A Lot of Kickers Early":

1.) You get you top four kicker choices...unless some other genius adopts this strategy as well.
2.) You don't have to worry about draft position. Drafting at the beginning or the end of your round? Who cares. This is AFFSIDALKE drafting. You're good to go no matter what.
3.) You can set the auto-draft one week before your live draft and skip the first four rounds. This gives you back a good 30 minutes or so of life. You can do whatever you want with that time: drink RC Cola, write a pamphlet, run a tenth of a mile - the world is your oyster, and oysters are delicious.
4.) Consistency is the hallmark of a champion. Nuff said.
5.) Some players get DUIs and domestic charges and are arrested on all kinds of nefarious prepostery. Kickers are pretty much little angels. Or CIA secret agents. No need to worry that you'll lose one of your early round picks to Lady Law.
6.) Similarly, you won't have that problem with injuries...unless you draft Bill Gramatica which is a smart move. He hasn't even been in the league since 2004. The element of surprise!
7.) If you just drafted three kickers, then I could make all kinds of stupid KKK references and call you a racist and get you kicked out of the league and then tell your boss and he'd be all like, "What are you, some kind of dirty racist pig?" and you'd have to explain that no it's just some stupid fantasy football thing and that doesn't even make sense but at this point he'd just be scared to keep you on board and oh looky, now you're homeless and broke. All because you didn't draft a fourth kicker. Don't be dumb.
8.) You will make history. Nobody's ever done this. Everyone you know (and maybe everyone you don't know) will always remember the time you drafted four kickers in the first four rounds and still won the league. Be legendary.

It seems very clear to me that 3k is the kind of progressive mind we need in fantasy football. Especially my money leagues. He would be a welcome addition.

Next War Room: Wednesday 6-10 p.m. ET

The Fantasy War Room sponsored by Sprint will be back Wednesday evening to continue assisting you with your draft needs. No question is too ridiculous, so make sure and join us again for another fun evening of fantasy football discussion. If you are new to SB Nation, you will need to register to post a comment, but that only takes a moment.

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