Fantasy War Room: Rashad Jennings It Is?

The SB Nation Fantasy War Room sponsored by Sprint is back at 6 p.m. ET. We're here with live fantasy football advice as the preseason winds down.

Welcome back to the 2012 Fantasy War Room sponsored by Sprint! While we were excited for the return of Mike Wallace yesterday, we struggle with the idea that Maurice Jones-Drew continues to hold out. He is entitled to do what he can for himself, but from a fantasy perspective it has raised plenty of question marks about his draft status, as well as that of Rashad Jennings.

However, it would seem like the time has come to sufficiently upgrade Jennings. The latest news indicates he is likely going to start the first two games, with MJD's holdout expected to extend into the regular season. Even though MJD could return to the starting role, if you draft Jennings, the MJD owner may come to you with a panic trade. Jennings has value right now that goes beyond just what he will do in week one and two.

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And on that note, welcome to week four of the preseason. We've got a "Super Bowl rematch" of the Giants and Patriots, the Bucs and Redskins do battle in DC and the Dolphins and Cowboys wrap up the evening. From a fantasy perspective, owners are likely just keeping their fingers crossed that their players remain healthy. Other than that, significant battles are winding down.

As you're getting ready for your drafts. SB Nation Fantasy will have plenty of resources to help you in your drafts. The War Room is a resource in and of itself, but we'll also be updating our positional rankings throughout the coming week. For now, you can check out our latest quarterback, running back and wide receiver rankings. And don't forget our Top 100 Cheat Sheets for PPR leagues and standard leagues.

How To Post

If you have a question, go down in the comments below and post the question in the subject line. In the message portion, include a quick rundown of pertinent facts about your league. Fantasy football has evolved to a point where most leagues differ on numerous issues. In order to best assist you on draft night, we will need to know some of the basics of your league.

You don't need to spell out every single point category, but things like where you have points per reception (PPR) and whether you have passing touchdowns equal to rushing touchdowns are incredibly important in determining drafting strategy. PPR vs. non-PPR is generally the most important distinction, but if you have any other rule tweaks that impact decisions, let us know so we can provide as much help as possible.

All official SB Nation answers will come from the user SB Nation Fantasy. For tonight, that account will be run by Louis Bien of our Fantasy News Wire and Bucky's Fifth Quarter. Louis has been playing fantasy football since the game's infancy online, so call it roughly 10 years now. He was in 8th grade when he completed his first fantasy draft. He started writing about fantasy while in college at Wisconsin when he began interning at That led to a gig helping put together SI's online fantasy football guide last year. In regards to his best pick in recent years? Jimmy Graham made him pretty happy last year.

Others are more than welcome to throw in their own two cents. Just click on the reply button and let people know what you think works for a given draft situation.

For more on fantasy football, check out SB Nation Fantasy!

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