Fantasy football rankings 2013: Best wide receiver on all 32 NFL teams

T.Y. Hilton - Andy Lyons

Alex Strouf breaks down the best wide receiver on all 32 NFL teams.

Editor's Note: This article has been edited to reflect Danario Alexander's ACL injury. He has been replaced by Malcom Floyd.

Every team has a solid wide receiver or two, and many teams have a very limited amount of playmakers that catch balls on a regular basis. For example, the San Diego Chargers have Danario Alexander, but not much past him. On the other hand, if you take a look at the Green Bay Packers, they have three great receivers in Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and James Jones.

I am here to break down the best receiver from each team (by division) to draft on your fantasy team for this upcoming season.

NFC North:

Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson

Chicago Bears: Brandon Marshall

Minnesota Vikings: Greg Jennings

Green Bay Packers: James Jones

The first three are pretty obvious, as they are the best, by far, on their teams (Jennings, Johnson, and Marshall). When you look at James Jones, he's surrounded by extremely talented receivers. Jones will line up as the number two or number three receiver, depending on where Randall Cobb ends up, but it is guaranteed that Jordy Nelson will end up as the number one receiver.

I believe that James Jones can do exactly what he did last season, but even better. He led all wide receivers in touchdown receptions. Jones will remain the X-factor of the Packers offense throughout the 2013 season, just as he did in 2012.

AFC North:

Cincinnati Bengals: A.J. Green

Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown

Cleveland Browns: Josh Gordon

Baltimore Ravens: Torrey Smith

A.J. Green is the best wide receiver in football, and most definitely the best on the Bengals. If you have the chance to draft Green, don't pass it up, as it would be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. I think Green changes games unlike virtually any other receiver in the league, and that fact alone changes fantasy scores immensely.

Antonio Brown is easily the best receiver on the Steelers, especially with Mike Wallace no longer in the picture. This may be his year to shine, and maybe, just maybe Antonio Brown is...A SLEEPER.

When you look at Josh Gordon, he's still looking for his opportunity to be a great player. With Brandon Weeden throwing the football to Gordon, that automatically limits his potential greatness. For example, since Kurt Warner left Arizona, we've seen this a lot with Larry Fitzgerald. Quarterbacks like Kevin Kolb and Derek Anderson were not elite, just like Weeden.

As for the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, there were two specific targets that Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco loved to target. Those two were Dennis Pitta and Anquan Boldin, neither of whom will be on the field for the Ravens this season. Boldin is now with the 49ers, and Pitta is out for the entire season due to a fractured hip. That leaves Flacco with Jacoby Jones or Torrey Smith. My gut says Torrey Smith is your guy. Although Jones had the best season of his career, and one of the best Super Bowl non-MVP winning performances of all-time, I still think this is Smith's year to go out and lead the Ravens. I believe that how you saw him play only a few times last season (multiple TD receptions, good amount of yards) may turn into a weekly scenario. You go, Torrey.

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant

New York Giants: Victor Cruz

Washington Redskins: Pierre Garcon

Philadelphia Eagles: DeSean Jackson

The NFC East might be the easiest division for an article like this. All four of these guys are the best receivers on their teams, in both fantasy and in reality. I love Victor Cruz's speed. DeSean Jackson's ability to get to the ball is unbelievable. Pierre Garcon's long plays change games. Last but not least, Dez Bryant is set for a breakout year. I think this is the year everything is just right for the Cowboys, and they may launch themselves to the top of the NFC East. The X-factor is all in this wide receiver.

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills: Stevie Johnson

Miami Dolphins: Mike Wallace

New England Patriots: Danny Amendola

New York Jets: Stephen Hill

We have a red flag with Stevie Johnson at this point, as he is dealing with a hamstring strain that could cost him the preseason. Although injuries can be a concern with Johnson, he is still the best option on this Bills squad, so you have the go-ahead to draft him.

As far as Mike Wallace and Danny Amendola, those are the best wide-outs on their respective teams, and that's that.

As for Stephen Hill, I'm not sure. I believe he will be the best after this season, absolutely, but with Santonio Holmes there as the number one option, Hill isn't going to be the first guy looked at. I believe Hill is one of the best 13th or 14th round draft picks out there.

NFC South:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Vincent Jackson

Carolina Panthers: Steve Smith

Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones

New Orleans Saints: Lance Moore

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the potential to be one of the top offenses in the league, ponied by young running back Doug Martin and quarterback Josh Freeman. The Bucs have two extremely underrated wide-outs in Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, who both can change the Bucs game dramatically. If you get the chance to draft Jackson in the middle rounds, absolutely do it. Jackson has weeks where it seems like he cannot be stopped.

Steve Smith will be playing in the slot a good amount this season, which will be trouble for the opposing defenses. This means the amount of passes thrown his way will be increased, and his room to make plays skyrockets. Smith is a great pick this season.

I still think Julio Jones is the best pick in the third round every year, and it seems like his stock stays steady. What he's expected to do happens almost every year. I draft Julio every season in the third round, if the opportunity is there. You should follow in my footsteps.

Lance Moore is a good fantasy slot player. I don't know if I'd ever take a risk on a New Orleans receiver, as Drew Brees likes to throw to everybody on his team. Staying away isn't a great idea, but I'm a risky guy.

AFC South:

Tennessee Titans: Kenny Britt

Jacksonville Jaguars: Cecil Shorts III

Houston Texans: Andre Johnson

Indianapolis Colts: T.Y. Hilton

This division is so interesting, and underrated because three of these guys are going to get drafted after the sixth round in eight- or ten-man leagues.

Kenny Britt is a very injury prone player, frustrating fantasy football owners. He has potential to be SO good for Jake Locker, but he can't due to injury. Drafting him may be a gamble, but he remains the best option on that Titans squad.

Cecil Shorts is a stud. Blaine Gabbert will realize Shorts is his best receiving option, as they're both young and have the potential to be an unstoppable duo. I think Shorts will be great this season.

Andre Johnson is the best receiver on the best team in the AFC South. Do the math.

T.Y. Hilton has potential to be an unbelievable receiver if Andrew Luck gets him the ball. I'm going to get criticized for not picking Reggie Wayne, because that's the obvious pick, but mark my words, Hilton WILL HAVE A BETTER FANTASY SEASON THAN REGGIE WAYNE. There, I said it.

NFC West:

Seattle Seahawks: Golden Tate

San Francisco 49ers: Anquan Boldin

St. Louis Rams: Tavon Austin

Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald

Talk about injuries. The Seahawks' and 49ers' top fantasy receivers (Percy Harvin and Michael Crabtree, respectively) are both out potentially until at least Thanksgiving. The question then becomes, who are their replacements.

Golden Tate is most recently known for the "Intertouchdownception", and has since been a great receiver. This year WILL be his best season. It's all in place, he just has to perform.

Anquan Boldin was huge last season for the Ravens, and will be huge for the 49ers, whether Michael Crabtree is in or out.

Tavon Austin will be the best rookie, and I think he'll surprise a lot of people in St. Louis.

Larry Fitzgerald's stock rises like crazy now that he has an actual quarterback throwing him the ball.

AFC West:

San Diego Chargers: Danario Alexander Malcom Floyd

Kansas City Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe

Denver Broncos: Demaryius Thomas

Oakland Raiders: Denarius Moore

As I mentioned in the introduction, Danario Alexander is pretty much the only wide receiver on the Chargers that is draft-able. If you look at Malcom Floyd, tell me when he doesn't sit atop the waiver wire. Editor's Note: So much for Alexander.

Dwayne Bowe is always the best receiver on the Chiefs and a solid mid-round pick. Last year was the first time in four years I didn't draft Bowe. Moral of the story, don't tell your friends who you're big on.

Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker. Have fun opposing defensive backs! Demaryius Thomas is a stud. Draft any of these three. Thomas in the fourth or fifth, Decker in the eighth or ninth, and Welker in the eighth or ninth as well. Welker is always a gamble, as he likes to drop balls a lot. I'd still take a bet on any of these three, because Denver is a pass-first offense.

Denarius Moore is a speedy, receiver who will lead the Raiders. Jacoby Ford and Joshua Cribbs are the other two receivers that will make an impact, but their impact will be felt primarily on kick and punt returns.

So you needed help on which receiver to draft and I hope I helped. Questions? Tweet me! @LetsGoAlex

Alex Strouf is a sports fanatic that covers fantasy football for SB Nation and covers the Oklahoma City Thunder for Welcome To Loud City. He does a podcast on iTunes called Two Perspectives. Want more? Follow him on Twitter HERE.

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