SB Nation Analysts' Mock: Rounds 1-5

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We're fully into the analysts' mock now; here's a look at the first five rounds and the fantasy implications.

We've completed five rounds of the SB Nation Fantasy analysts' football mock. If you didn't see Tuesday's first-round review, this is a 12-team slow mock, with standard rosters and scoring. We're hoping to give a look at some general strategies and the like, and show how a draft will actually shake out.

Today, I'll look at the picks round-by-round with a bit of critique (not too harsh, because the other owners could probably take me in a fight), and close with a look at the rosters so far:

Round 1

Owner Pick Team Position
Robert Keeley Adrian Peterson MIN RB
Daniel Kelley Jamaal Charles KC RB
Brad Coustan LeSean McCoy PHI RB
Wes Collier Matt Forte CHI RB
Jordan Cable Calvin Johnson DET WR
Jacob Adler Marshawn Lynch SEA RB
Kylan Easterling Jimmy Graham NO TE
Alex Welch Eddie Lacy GB RB
Brad Duffendack Demaryius Thomas DEN WR
Dan Ciarrocchi A.J. Green CIN WR
Kenny Stein DeMarco Murray DAL RB
Ray Guilfoyle Peyton Manning DEN QB

My pick: As I've mentioned ad nauseam, the top three in fantasy, for me, are a toss-up, and you could take any of Peterson, Charles, and McCoy in any order and I wouldn't fuss. Charles is my favorite, though overall this was a no-brainer.

Best value: Eddie Lacy at Pick No. 8 seems like a relative steal. I've seen him ranked as high as fourth or fifth overall; he has a chance to crush this value.

Worst value: This seems really high for DeMarco Murray, for me. He's still looking for his first 16-game season in his career, and while 2013 was easily his best overall season, and every football player is some kind of injury risk, I would prefer more reliability out of my first pick.

Round 2

Owner Pick Team Position
Ray Guilfoyle Dez Bryant DAL WR
Kenny Stein Doug Martin TB RB
Dan Ciarrocchi Montee Ball DEN RB
Brad Duffendack Arian Foster HOU RB
Alex Welch Le'Veon Bell PIT RB
Kylan Easterling Julio Jones ATL WR
Jacob Adler Antonio Brown PIT WR
Jordan Cable Brandon Marshall CHI WR
Wes Collier Aaron Rodgers GB QB
Brad Coustan Zac Stacy STL RB
Daniel Kelley Drew Brees NO QB
Robert Keeley Jordy Nelson GB WR

My pick: If Stacy, Marshall, Foster, or Martin had made it back to me, I wouldn't have bothered with a quarterback quite this early, but those were the only Round 2 options I really would have considered. It's true that quarterback is deep, but Brees is still a cut above the rest.

Best value: Zac Stacy at 10th (22 overall) seems like a good bet. He's obviously the best weapon the Rams have, and should carry a heck of a load in 2014.

Worst value: It's not that I don't think Arian Foster will rebound; I do, I think he'll be good. But he's also 28 in August, coming off back surgery, has had a bazillionty touches in the last few years, and has a fine backup in Andre Brown behind him. There are running backs taken behind him I'd rather have. (I'm also not sure about Jones over Brown/Marshall/Nelson, so, you know, Honorable Mention.)

Relevant owner opinion: "Did he just complete the first two rounds without selecting a running back? Yes, he did. The difference between the fifth best running back and 15th isn't as steep a dropoff as most think. Julio Jones was the last player on the board in my opinion who carried a first-round grade. There's not much of a difference between Julio Jones and Calvin Johnson to me, and Johnson went fifth overall. I refuse to overpay for mediocre RB production early in drafts this year. The NFL is changing and so if fantasy football. I plan on being ahead of the curve." — Kylan Easterling

Round 3

Owner Pick Team Position
Robert Keeley Giovani Bernard CIN RB
Daniel Kelley Alfred Morris WAS RB
Brad Coustan Randall Cobb GB WR
Wes Collier Alshon Jeffery CHI WR
Jordan Cable Julius Thomas DEN TE
Jacob Adler Keenan Allen SD WR
Kylan Easterling Andre Ellington ARI RB
Alex Welch Larry Fitzgerald ARI WR
Brad Duffendack Reggie Bush DET RB
Dan Ciarrocchi Jordan Cameron CLE TE
Kenny Stein Rob Gronkowski NE TE
Ray Guilfoyle Andre Johnson HOU WR

My pick: Were this a point-per-reception league, I probably would have avoided Morris, who has only 20 receptions in his two seasons. But this is standard, and Morris has 2,888 rushing yards in two seasons. Love my value here.

Best value: The main alternative to Morris I considered was Ellington, who I have pegged as a huge breakout candidate this season. Kylan grabbed Jimmy Graham and Julio Jones in the first two rounds, so he needed a starting running back, and that's a heck of a third-round score.

Worst value: This, to me, seemed crazy early for the run on tight ends, with three going in the round. I can see Thomas, but Cameron was inconsistent last year, and you never know how much Gronkowski will play. With Gronk having (obviously) the highest upside, I'll say Cameron is the dodgiest pick here.

Relevant owner opinion: "Contract year, second year under (Bruce) Arians, huge bounce-back last season. Everything points towards Fitzgerald producing 90+ catches again. The Cardinals will throw the ball often. After taking two running backs to start, I needed to address receiver. Fitz was the best left on the board, and at 32 overall, I'm happy to have him." — Alex Welch

Round 4

Owner Pick Team Position
Ray Guilfoyle C.J. Spiller BUF RB
Kenny Stein Cam Newton CAR QB
Dan Ciarrocchi Matt Stafford DET QB
Brad Duffendack Pierre Garcon WAS WR
Alex Welch Roddy White ATL WR
Kylan Easterling Shane Vereen NE RB
Jacob Adler Ben Tate CLE RB
Jordan Cable Ryan Mathews SD RB
Wes Collier Victor Cruz NYG WR
Brad Coustan Vincent Jackson TB WR
Daniel Kelley T.Y. Hilton IND WR
Robert Keeley Percy Harvin SEA WR

My pick: I went back and forth on Hilton vs. Harvin here, ultimately taking the lower ceiling of Hilton because, again, higher floor. I kind of feel like maybe I'm playing it too safe on these, but I prefer to take the big risks later in the draft.

Best value: We're a year removed from Spiller being a first-round pick; I don't really think he's that guy, but there's the possibility there, and getting a maybe-first-rounder in the fourth is a worthwhile look.

Worst value: There wasn't much here for me to criticize, so I'll say Vereen; without the point boost of a PPR league, he'll really need to accumulate yards like he hasn't before to return high value.

Relevant owner opinion: "He was the last receiver left with top-five-per-game numbers potential, and if I get even 13 games out of him, he will produce numbers on a per-game basis to fully justify this pick. If Harvin plays all 16 games this year, getting him with the last pick in the fourth round should be a steal, as he will threaten top-five territory in a full season." — Robert Keeley

Round 5

Owner Pick Team Position
Robert Keeley Ray Rice BAL RB
Daniel Kelley Vernon Davis SF TE
Brad Coustan Jordan Reed WAS TE
Wes Collier Bishop Sankey TEN RB
Jordan Cable Frank Gore SF RB
Jacob Adler Wes Welker DEN WR
Kylan Easterling Cordarrelle Patterson MIN WR
Alex Welch Andrew Luck IND QB
Brad Duffendack Toby Gerhart JAC RB
Dan Ciarrocchi Torrey Smith BAL WR
Kenny Stein DeSean Jackson WAS WR
Ray Guilfoyle Trent Richardson IND RB

My pick: No idea why Jordan Cameron went before Vernon Davis, but I had the 49ers' tight end as my No. 2 tight end and 35th overall, and I got him fifth at the position and 50th overall. Yay me.

Best value: With Eric Decker out of Denver, there's a decent chance Welker sees his value leap. He's a good value in the middle of the fifth.

Worst value: I think I got picky here, because I can critique several names here. Rice, with a likely suspension looming? Reed, who barely got half a season in before injury? Patterson, whose 2013 value rested heavily in fluke plays? The disappointing Richardson? The yet-to-prove-himself Gerhart? Seems to me this round is when we start getting serious question marks.

Relevant owner opinion: "I wanted Vincent Jackson here, but Welker left some on the field last year and has the potential to combine the 150-plus targets from the Brady years with the red-zone targets from Manning in 2013." — Jacob Adler

We're going a full 16 rounds here, but here's a look at the rosters thus far:

Robert Keeley

Player Position Round
Adrian Peterson RB 1
Giovani Bernard RB 3
Ray Rice RB 5
Jordy Nelson WR 2
Percy Harvin WR 4

Daniel Kelley

Player Position Round
Drew Brees QB 2
Jamaal Charles RB 1
Alfred Morris RB 3
T.Y. Hilton WR 4
Vernon Davis TE 5

Brad Coustan

Player Position Round
LeSean McCoy RB 1
Zac Stacy RB 2
Randall Cobb WR 3
Vincent Jackson WR 4
Jordan Reed TE 5

Wes Collier

Player Position Round
Aaron Rodgers QB 2
Matt Forte RB 1
Bishop Sankey RB 5
Alshon Jeffery WR 3
Victor Cruz WR 4

Jordan Cable

Player Position Round
Ryan Mathews RB 4
Frank Gore RB 5
Calvin Johnson WR 1
Brandon Marshall WR 2
Julius Thomas TE 3

Jacob Adler

Player Position Round
Marshawn Lynch RB 1
Ben Tate RB 4
Antonio Brown WR 2
Keenan Allen WR 3
Wes Welker WR 5

Kylan Easterling

Player Position Round
Andre Ellington RB 3
Shane Vereen RB 4
Julio Jones WR 2
Cordarrelle Patterson WR 5
Jimmy Graham TE 1

Alex Welch

Player Position Round
Andrew Luck QB 5
Eddie Lacy RB 1
Le'Veon Bell RB 2
Larry Fitzgerald WR 3
Roddy White WR 4

Brad Duffendack

Player Position Round
Arian Foster RB 2
Reggie Bush RB 3
Toby Gerhart RB 5
Demaryius Thomas WR 1
Pierre Garcon WR 4

Dan Ciarrocchi

Player Position Round
Matt Stafford QB 4
Montee Ball RB 2
A.J. Green WR 1
Torrey Smith WR 5
Jordan Cameron TE 3

Kenny Stein

Player Position Round
Cam Newton QB 4
DeMarco Murray RB 1
Doug Martin RB 2
DeSean Jackson WR 5
Rob Gronkowski TE 3

Ray Guilfoyle

Player Position Round
Peyton Manning QB 1
C.J. Spiller RB 4
Trent Richardson RB 5
Dez Bryant WR 2
Andre Johnson WR 3
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