Topps: Favorite Players of the 80's

Baseball cards and the distant past


I'm supposed to write about my favorite player of the 1980s. I started collecting baseball cards in the latter half of the '80s, but I was really young then, and the Pirates were mostly bad, and I...

Old timers day should be here to stay

The tradition of old timers day is too important too ignore, and should be an annual event at Dodger Stadium.

Vince Coleman, Galapagos tortoise

Topps wants us to write about '80s baseball players, so I wrote about the most '80s baseball player.

Remembering Butch Davis


In the sprit of Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer, an old school failed prospect.

Glenn Davis, power and the Astros' first base lega


Reminiscing about the Astros through the baseball cards of my youth.

Remembering Some Underrated Dudes From the '80s


With the release of Topps Archive sets, we shine some light on a few underrated names from the '80s.

The underrated Sid Fernandez


Frank Cashen pulled off a steal of a trade when he acquired Sid Fernandez before the 1984 season. The underrated "El Sid" went on to be one of the best pitchers in Mets history.

My Favorite Player from the 80s -- Buddy Bell


When I was growing up as a Texas Rangers fan, my favorite player was the Rangers' All-Star Third Baseman, Buddy Bell

Ozzie Smith and a world before the Rockies


In a land before the Rockies, many Colorado residents were fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. My dad was no different, and his favorite player on the Cardinals was Ozzie Smith.

Was Jesse Barfield One of the Best OF Ever?


With Topps Archive sets coming, we take a look back at a potentially underrated Blue Jay from the '80s.

The back of Tom Seaver's card

Looking back at an old piece of cardboard leads to the question: How did you consume your baseball cards?

Ron Oester: A Baseball Card Driven Retrospective


I'll admit it. I don't remember the Reds teams of the 1980's (and honestly, most of the 1990s), but one thing that always puzzles me when I hear someone talk about them is the respect and reverence...

Jim Rice: a lasting impression


Modern sensibilities may look more kindly on Dwight Evans, but it was Jim Rice who is remembered for defining the era of Red Sox baseball.

Back to the 80's: Julio Franco, Cleveland Indians


Topps Archives Baseball looks back to golden era of card collecting - to mark its launch, John relives his own golden era, as an Indians fan in the eighties.

Opening baseball cards with my dad


I never got to sleep in as a kid. On the other hand, I got to spend my days opening baseball card packs and talking baseball with my dad, so really, I think I came out ahead.

My Alan Trammell autograph


As a kid, I sent out card to be autographed. Trammell was the first player to send one back. He's been a personal favorite ever since.

Ozzie Smith, My Youth, & Topps Baseball Cards


Memories of Ozzie Smith and Topps Baseball Cards bring me back to a young age and bring a smile to my face.

A Look Back At Kurt Bevacqua


Not that many fans of the Indians, Royals, Pirates, Brewers, or Rangers remember Kurt Bevacqua, even if they saw him play. But ask any Padres fan. They'll tell you who he is.

Willie Randolph: I love the Yankees of the '80s


Willie Randolph is back with the Yankees organization, so what better time to look back on his career?

The 1982 Reggie Jackson Angels Topps Masterpiece


Some baseball cards say it all in one shot...

There And Back Again: Mike Gallego


Mike Gallego may not have been the best player in Oakland history, but he's never been able to resist the green and gold. Here's an ode to an Athletics lifer.

What the '82 Topps set teaches us about prospects


Not all "future stars" are actually on their way to stardom.

Eddie Murray: A great O I never got to appreciate


Eddie Murray had one of the best careers in the history of the Orioles. Unfortunately I never got to appreciate him.

Top 100 Indians: #50 Brett Butler

Let's Go Tribe's countdown of the greatest players in franchise history continues with Brett Butler, one of the Indians' many great center fielders and its best player during the mid 1980s.

The 17th Round Hometown Hero: Kent Hrbek


There should be no such thing as a wasted draft pick.

Rickey Henderson, Technical Mariner


An unapologetic look at the eighties, baseball cards, and the author's favorite Mariner of all time (who was barely a Mariner at all).

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