The Flawless Sochi Olympics

The Sochi Olympics are flawless, thanks for asking. Here, have some visual proof.

US Olympian Kate Hansen meets 'wolf' in Sochi hall

This, like everything else, is just a Jimmy Kimmel hoax.

Cat falls through ceiling of Sochi arena

See the latest example of Sochi's flawless Winter Olympics.

The food at the Winter Olympics cafeteria is gross

Lolo Jones has to trick herself into eating at the Olympic cafeteria. Because it's disgusting.

Olympic bear mascot can't fit his head into a van

Enormous Stoned Bear is at the Olympic games, but transportation is difficult.

US skier finds treasure trove of Sochi puppies

One Olympian found the puppies of all those stray dogs roaming around Sochi.

Drunk Russian falls asleep on journalist


These Olympics need more drunk Russians, frankly.

Bobsledder Johnny Quinn is trapped... again

Another day, another locked door for Johnny Quinn.

Sochi hotels have very specific rules


Welcome to your hotel room, DO NOT USE IT.

NBC's Olympics viewers drop from last winter games


The network's coverage of the opening Saturday posted strong numbers but represented a four percent drop from it's coverage of the 2010 Vancouver games.

Bobsledder recounts dramatic bathroom escape

It's worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Athlete welcomed with open elevator shaft in Sochi

Stop assuming things, okay?

Johnny Quinn's Sochi bathroom jailbreak

The American bobsledder busted right through the door.

Russian TV covers up Olympic rings fail

Nothing could possibly go wrong at the #FlawlessOlympics.

Sochi Opening Ceremony starts with rings fail

The #FlawlessOlympics continues!

Stray dog makes it into Sochi Opening Ceremony

There are still some dogs in Sochi! Good dogs.

This Sochi McDonald's is less than inviting


♫ ba da ba ba ba / I'm loving it in a Russian prison ♫

Ways somebody can watch you poop in Sochi

Pooping is meant to be a discreet endeavor. In Sochi, there are several distinct and unique ways that somebody else can watch you poop.

Oh no a Sochi suite missing its furniture


Not a very "suite" deal if you ask me. On the bright side: So much room for activities!

Sochi's broken bathrooms — now with mirrored ceilings!


There is literally nothing you could show me in a Sochi bathroom that would shock me at this point.

Russia is spying on the showers in Sochi's hotels

If you're going to try to convince journalists to stop complaining about Olympic hotels, don't admit to watching them in the shower.

Sochi's missing coat racks are all right here


Memo to journalists and spectators: Don't forget to pick up your coat rack when you check into your hotel.

Watch a stray dog bark at skiers in Sochi

Sochi's stray dogs are everywhere, including DIRECTLY NEXT TO Olympic cross-country skiers.

The 2014 Olympics: Everybody gets to play!


Surprised the guard rails did their job...

Curd mass, the breakfast of champions in Sochi

Get yourself a big old helping in Sochi.

Sochi's stray dog shanty town

Good guy billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska is trying to save Sochi's stray dogs.

Sochi has fun plumbing additions

It's okay to have a ground wire in your bathtub. Stop looking, okay?

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